Fact about national Pi day

By ASC A+ Program on 13 March 21 Blog

March 14th is the national Pi day.

Here is a list of fact about Pi

  • What is Pi?
    • Pi is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter.
  • When was Pi first adopted?
    • The Pi symbol was adopted by Swiss mathematician, Leonard Euler, in 1737
  • When is the earliest reference to Pi?
    • Pi occurred in Ancient Egypt around the year 1650BC is the earliest recorded reference.
  • How long is Pi?
    • It will take a person 133 years to recite the 6.4 billion knows digits of Pi without stopping.
  • Who founded the Pi day?
    • Comparing to the long history of Pi, the Pi day have a fairly short history. It is founded by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988.
  • Who calculated the Pi?
    • The calculated of Pi is not done, yet. But the Fabrice Bellard calculated 2.7 trillion decimal places on just a desktop computer.
  •  Other fun fact?
    • Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein and NBA superstar Stephen Curry both are born on March 14th!
    • Most pizzerias and bakeries offer special Pi Day deals and discount on March 14th.

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