How Summer Tutoring Programs Could Make Sure That Your Child Is All Caught Up for the New School Year

By APlus on 19 June 20 Blog

The outbreak of coronavirus has closed classrooms worldwide. The spring term at many schools has ended early and this year’s summer break could last for several weeks. With so much disruption, it can be difficult for children to keep their education on track.

However, students at ASC A+ can continue learning online with one-on-one tutoring throughout the summer months. Your child can take lessons in almost any subject and work towards their own personal goal. 

Whether they want to study for an upcoming exam, grasp a subject that they’re struggling with, or go above and beyond academically, a summer tutor could help your child succeed. Read on to find out some of the ways that online tutoring at ASC A+ could help your child prepare for a new school year. 

Avoid the ‘Summer Slide’

In education we often talk about the ‘summer slide‘ and how to avoid it. This is when students lose academic progress over the summer break, and is particularly prevalent in younger children. 

One way to avoid this is with a summer tutoring program. With an online tutor, your child will be able to maintain and even advance their learning over the summer months. This means that they will be able to pick up where they left off when they return to school in the fall. 

Learn One-on-One from an Experienced Tutor  

Children enrolled in online tutoring at ASC A+ will benefit from one-on-one instruction from highly qualified and experienced tutors. Our tutors are largely Massachusetts Certified with Masters Degrees or higher. 

There are a number of benefits to one-on-one tutoring. Lessons can be tailored to your child’s individual needs and go at a pace that suits them. If your child is particularly interested in a certain topic, the teacher can also spend more time and go into more detail on it. 

Online tutoring is tailored to your child’s individual needs

Continue Learning from Home 

COVID-19 has made it difficult for many students to continue learning. Online tutoring means that children can continue to advance academically without the need to leave their homes. Not only is this safe, but it is also more convenient. Students can easily log in to an online lesson without needing to commute. This is an advantage for both children and their families. 

Online Tutoring Can Create Stability in Uncertain Times

Without school, the summer months can be difficult for children and parents. There can be pressure to create a busy itinerary of fun and educational activities to keep boredom at bay. As well as this, COVID-19 means that many families and children are being forced to stay largely at home to avoid spreading or catching the virus. 

Online tutoring can help to create a sense of routine during this uncertain time, and give children something to focus on. 

A summer tutoring program can create a sense of routine

Develop ‘Soft Skills’ and Improve Digital Literacy 

An online tutor can teach your child English, Maths, and Science. However, you child may also develop ‘soft skills’ like self-motivation, time management, organization, and digital literacy. After summer school courses online, your child will be able to use these skills throughout their education and future careers. 

Summer Tutoring Programs Available in a Wide Range of Subjects 

Online tutoring is available to all subjects and grades, from primary to advanced placement courses. This includes:

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Mathematics
  • SSAT
  • SAT
  • SAT Course Specific
  • ISEE Test Prep All Levels
  • History/Geography/Social Studies
  • AP Calculus
  • AP History
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics
  • And more! 

This means that your child can choose a summer tutoring program that interests them and suits their needs.

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