4 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From an English Tutor

By Kate Romeo on 20 January 23 Blog
4 Signs Your Child Could Benefit From an English Tutor

Every child has different interests and skills. In some subjects, they excel, but in others, they may need extra assistance. If your child is having trouble in their English classes, a tutor can help them improve their grades and confidence. But how do you know when your child needs a helping hand? Here are four signs your child could benefit from an English tutor.

Lack of Confidence

Does your child seem unconfident in their English abilities? Their teacher might mention that they seem sad and aloof in class. They don’t volunteer to answer questions, and they’re the quiet one in groups. At home, your child may be reluctant to work on English homework and projects. They get frustrated quickly and act mopey instead of their usual, bubbly self.

A tutor can help your child build their confidence. With a bit of extra practice and encouragement, your child will gradually improve their capability in English, and as their skills grow, so will their self-esteem.

Low Grades

One telltale sign your child could benefit from an English tutor is that their grades are slipping. This indicates they’re having trouble understanding what the instructor is teaching in their English class. A tutor can offer a fresh perspective on these concepts and present them using a different method better suited to your child’s learning style.

Poor Time Management

Does your child spend more time on English assignments compared to other assignments? Or do they put off English assignments until the last minute, only hastily completing them the night before they’re due? Kids tend to put off the tasks they dislike and don’t want to do. If your child is poorly managing their English coursework, it could indicate hardship or a lack of interest in the subject. A tutor can work with your child to find a learning method that makes them excited about English and eager to learn.

Less Parental Involvement

Did you use to spend a lot of time assisting your child with their schoolwork, but recent life changes like a new job or a new baby mean you can’t commit to that time anymore? A child that’s used to having a helper at home may struggle once they lose this extra support. Getting a tutor can help them stay on track.

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