How Summer Tutoring Programs Give Your Child an Advantage

By APlus on 1 June 18 Blog

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When your children are young, nothing seems more important than their academic success. As the years progress and class material becomes more challenging, however, it can sometimes be difficult for some students to keep up. Summers may also contribute to a child losing some of the knowledge they gained during the school year, creating a gap in their learning that may cause them to fall behind in the following term.

Signing your child up for some private tutoring during the summer months can be a great way to sharpen and maintain their academic skills, allow them to address problem areas, and prepare them to take on more advanced subjects in the coming year.

Are you curious about the various ways that summer tutoring classes can help your child be a stronger student come September? Read on to learn more!

Summer Tutoring Classes Can Help Improve Your Child’s Fundamental Skills

Reading, writing and math skills are the foundation of any great student. However, more challenging class material and the sheer amount of work children are expected to do in later school years may sometimes overwhelm them. As class sizes continue to grow in many US schools, children may not receive an adequate amount of time and attention to ask questions and better understand difficult subjects.

Summer tutoring courses solve this problem by giving children the one on one attention they need to get a handle on reading more complex literary texts, writing structurally and grammatically sound essays, or tackling difficult math problems.

Many summer tutoring programs will offer study plans that are flexible and tailored to suit the specific learning needs of each student. Expert tutors will work at your child’s pace, and help them build confidence in their English and math skills by gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts that can sometimes elude students.

Private Tutoring Can Help Your Child Prepare for AP Subjects

Another advantage your child could get by enrolling in summer tutoring classes is being introduced to advanced placement (AP) subject material. Advanced placement subjects essentially offer high school students the chance to engage with curriculum and exams that are at the college level.

Some summer tutoring classes help students learn AP material

Some summer tutoring classes help students learn AP material

Private tutoring can be an excellent way to help students get to grips with this challenging material. For instance, ASC A+’s One on One Tutoring program offers AP classes for calculus, history, biology, chemistry and physics. Getting early exposure to these college-level subjects could help prepare your child for what they will eventually face after high school, while also strengthening their academic profile for university applications.

Summer Tutoring Programs Can Offer Exam Prep to Help Your Child Score High!

For parents who would like their child to enter top colleges or middle and high schools, scoring high on exams like the SAT, SSAT, and ISEE is crucial. In order to get a high grade, your child will need to have a thorough understanding of what will be tested in their exam, such as the reading and writing component for the SATs, or the mathematics achievement section of the ISEE. Preparing for these exams also means having an adequate amount of time to study and practice, which can be from 1 to 2 hours weekly for students with ambitions of scoring in the top percentile.

Some tutors may be able to help prepare students for exams

Some tutors may be able to help prepare students for exams

Enrolling your child in a private tutoring program during the summer can give them the chance to get a head-start on their exam prep, and learn practical study and test-taking strategies to help them manage their time effectively. By registering your child for tutoring classes during the summer, you are helping them pave the way towards academic success and a brighter future!

Are you ready to help your child work towards success this summer?

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