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By APlus on 8 March 18 Blog

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Much like admission to college, securing a spot in one of the country’s top private schools is becoming increasingly more competitive. Private schools, especially those in Massachusetts, offer unmatched access to resources, faculty, and staff that promote advanced learning and long-term educational success. A successful education at a top private school can also increase your child’s chances of getting into a top 20 college or university. The benefits to attending private school are clear—but what can you do to increase your child’s chances of getting in? Below are three recommendations for preparing for the competitive private school admissions process.

Do Your Research

It’s not enough to simply look at rankings online. Private school admissions counselors do not want to hear that you are applying because their school is the top in the state or the country—they already know this! Instead, they want to know why their institution is the best fit for your child, and this involves research on your end. Is there a specific academic program offered that matches your child’s academic strengths and areas of curiosity? Is there an extracurricular opportunity available that fits and will continue to promote your child’s expertise? Identify these specifics and emphasize them throughout your application and during your interviews.

Develop a Plan for Academic and ISEE or SSAT Test Preparation

Academic and test preparation success are key factors to gaining acceptance to competitive private schools. The curriculum offered at a private school is expected to be more rigorous than what is offered in a typical public school. You can help to prepare your child by first ensuring they are succeeding in their school work, and then offering advanced weekend or after school enrichment classes that will allow them to experience a smoother transition to a more difficult curriculum. Additionally, success on the ISEE or SSAT is an important factor for private school admissions counselors. These exams often test content that is higher than the student’s current grade level, so success indicates that a student is well prepared for a rigorous private school education. Start early with ISEE/SSAT test prep and develop a consistent preparation plan to help your child achieve high test scores.

After school enrichment classes can help your child prepare for a more demanding curriculum

After school enrichment classes can help your child prepare for a more demanding curriculum

Find What Makes Your Child Unique

Due to the competitive nature of the private school admissions process, your child will need to do more than just get top grades and test scores to gain acceptance. The top private schools in the country are also looking for unique students who will have something different and meaningful to contribute to the school’s community. So, what makes your child stand out? This is a big question, but your answer is crucial in increasing your child’s chances of acceptance!

At ASC A+, we are here to help your child gain acceptance to the private school of their dreams. Our private school admissions counselors have worked with the top institutions in Massachusetts and know exactly what these schools are looking for in a successful applicant.

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