Why Summer Enrichment Programs Are Perfect for Advanced Students

By APlus on 17 May 19 Blog

summer enrichment programs

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and many students are looking forward to their time outside the classroom. However, just because school is out, it doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning over the summer break.

Advanced students have different needs and learn at a different pace than others. They also possess a deep curiosity and a love of exploring new ideas and learning new things, and the summer holidays give them the free time to open themselves to new opportunities. There may also be certain subjects they want to learn about, or a particular skill they want to build during their time away from class. No matter the reason, a summer enrichment program can be the perfect solution, and can even help them discover things they didn’t know interested them!

If you are seeking an environment where your child can grow during summer vacation, read on to find out how a summer enrichment program can help.

Give Your Child a Head Start for the Next School Year with Summer Courses

For some students, the things they learn in school are forgotten as soon as summer vacation starts. While advanced children may be more likely to remember what they covered in class, they can still use the lessons they learn in summer enrichment classes to improve their performance in the next school year.

Our ASC A+ students can stay one step ahead of their classes with summer courses

Our ASC A+ students can stay one step ahead of their classes with summer courses

Whether they’re exploring a creative writing workshop, experimenting with STEM, or working on their public speaking, English summer courses can help prepare your child to start the next school year off strongly. The skills they build upon over the summer can keep subjects fresh in their minds, and help them enter the new semester with confidence in their academic capabilities, giving them the advantage by the time class starts again.

Summer Enrichment Programs Keep Advanced Students’ Minds Sharp

Advanced and gifted students are often able to easily understand the concepts and subjects they learn in the classroom, which helps them stay intellectually stimulated during the school year. After classes end, however, it can be hard for them to find enough things to keep them occupied during their vacation time.

Fortunately, summer enrichment programs cover a variety of subjects that they can explore while they’re out of school. From English reading and writing enhancement to advanced mathematics and educational activities, students can keep their minds busy even when they’re not in school. Being intellectually active and productive helps their minds stay sharp over the summer, and gives them a chance to get out of the house, make new friends, and experience a new learning environment, which has the added benefit of broadening their horizons and stimulating their curiosity about the world around them.

Program Activities Help Students Connect to the Subjects They Learn

While summer vacation typically means hanging out with friends, spending time in front of the television or computer, it’s important for students to get out of the house and engage with the world in a meaningful way.

A summer enrichment program can introduce students to a new learning environment

A summer enrichment program can introduce students to a new learning environment

Boston is a city that has many cultural and historic sites, and visiting a few of these interesting locations encourages students to learn in an active, hands-on way. Whether that means taking a trip to the Boston Public Library, Museum of Fine Arts, the USS Constitution, or the Museum of Science—among many more—a full-day summer program gives advanced students the chance to stretch their mental muscles and make real connections to the things they learn during their activities.

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