What is Needed for ISEE Test Preparation

By A+ Staff on 15 August 16 Blog
ISEE test preparation in Boston

When top-ranked private schools such as Boston Latin can make such a massive difference in the opportunities your child sees after graduation, it’s no wonder there is so much competition for admission. While not the only factor considered, the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is one of the most important ones.
High scores on the ISEE will go a long way towards guaranteeing your student to be one of the elite few who are accepted.

As a three-hour test, the ISEE can be a grueling trial, especially for middle-schoolers taking it. Intensive ISEE test preparation is what makes the difference between a child who’s up for the challenge, and one who simply isn’t ready for a top-tier school.

isee test prep


Preparing Your Student for the ISEE Test

  1. Begin preparations at least six months ahead of time.

When it comes down to it, the more preparation for the ISEE you can work in, the better. Younger students, in particular, need to have plenty of time to feel comfortable with the test format, as well as developing the ability to sit still and concentrate on a three-hour test. 

Don’t get discouraged if they have trouble with this at first. The point of starting early is to have time to develop those test-taking skills.

  1. Take practice tests every 1-3 weeks.

Plenty of practice tests are the heart of ISEE test preparation. They allow your student to become comfortable with the test, as well as giving you constant feedback on their progress.

However, be aware of your student’s energy and interest levels. There’s a very real chance of burn-out if the student takes too many practice tests. Seek a balance between studying and practice tests which challenges them, but doesn’t wear them out.  

  1. Steadily introduce new vocabulary and essay-writing tests.

There’s a limit to how fast a child can build a working vocabulary. Try introducing around twenty new vocabulary words a week for best retention. As it draws nearer to test time, increase the number of essays they write. The essay section is always one of the hardest parts of the test to prepare for.

  1. Let them rest and relax the day before the test.

It can be tempting to keep “cramming” up to the last minute, but this actually harms test scores.  It’s far more important that the student be relaxed, well-rested, and well-fed prior to the test.  If you’ve followed a good ISEE test preparation schedule up to that point, they’ll do fine.

ASC A+ Program Can Help

For more help, ASC A+ Program provides expert ISEE preparation at both the upper level (Grade 8) and middle level (Grade 6).  Over ninety percent of A+ Program students are admitted to top Boston private schools.  Contact us today for more information on professional ISEE test preparation.