Three Reasons that SAT Courses Help You Set & Meet the Right SAT Target Score

By APlus on 15 January 18 Blog

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The quest for high SAT scores begins early for many ambitious students. It tends to involve a great deal of studying, a good amount of mental preparation, and often the use of special strategies at SAT crunch time. For students and parents eager to find a few more useful ways to prepare for the big test, consider this simple but effective strategy: put some time into setting a target score.

While having a target score in mind is nothing new – most students do this when going in to the test – taking the time to think carefully about what this score should be, how it can be achieved, and the steps to take to get there isn’t practiced as well or as widely as you might think. Students that take the time to do this can enjoy significant advantages heading into the exam.

Here’s a look at how to go about setting and meeting a good SAT target.

Evaluating Where a Student Stands & How Much They Might Improve With Practice

It’s possible to find pretty reliable information online about the average range of SAT scores accepted at a desired university, and this can and likely should be the first piece of information looked at when setting an SAT target.

As a next step, it is important that students discover where they are in their learning and understanding of material by taking a practice exam. Knowing this score and comparing it with their ideal or target score will provide a good idea of how much work a young scholar will need to put in to meet their goal, as well as indicating the areas of study to which they should devote much of their attention and time.

Taking Steps to Achieve a Deeper Understanding of Material Prior to the SAT

After setting a target score and taking a practice exam, a student who is willing and able to block off adequate time to prepare for the SAT can create a firm study plan to improve their results. However, following through can prove more challenging for some students than others.

At home, they will often have a number of distractions competing for their attention – everything from family pets, to friends, to social media – and this can make doing deep, concentrated work a challenge. A change of environment, whether to a local library, supplemental SAT courses, or elsewhere, can make a world of difference in helping students avoid stimulation overload and keep themselves on task.

Small class sizes in SAT courses help ensure students get the attention they need

Small class sizes in SAT courses help ensure students get the attention they need

Good SAT Courses Get Proven Results Teaching Material and Study Skills For Top SAT Scores

For dedicated young scholars hoping to get great results on the SAT, the appeal of a dedicated SAT preparation program goes far beyond merely providing a quiet, focused environment for learning. The best SAT preparation courses pay special attention to foundational skills for learning and test-taking that can drive SAT success.

Enrollees learn critical strategies and time management techniques, and even dive into the sentence logic commonly used in SAT questions. Of course, these programs also offer excellent supplemental instruction, with small class sizes ensuring enrollees receive the attention they need to master tricky subject matter well before the exam.

One of the key benefits, however, is that practice exams are taken at the start and end of the program, helping all young scholars better understand their knowledge of the material and set goals for future improvement. For SAT prep classes like the ones offered by ASC A+ Programs, this provides a perfect way to determine how young scholars should approach their learning in the lead-up to the SAT, and prepare for eligibility for the top tier universities they aspire to attend. Students can also opt for either a 3-week intensive prep course in the lead-up to the exam, or regular prep classes over a longer period, so they can choose the best option to help them achieve their target.

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