How Students in Intensive SAT Classes Can Boost Scores at Exam Crunch-Time

By APlus on 20 October 17 Blog

intensive SAT classes

There is no denying the importance of the SAT when it comes to college applications, and so it is understandable that students and parents may get a little bit stressed as exam time approaches. Weeks or months of reviewing material often lead to last-minute studying meant to cram every bit of information possible into a student’s head. For some, it’s a strategy that can pay off. For most, something a little more structured will lead to better results.

Want some ideas of how best a student can approach studying in the three or so weeks leading up to taking the SAT? Here are a few of the ways to turn SAT crunch time into a time of genuine leaps in understanding and capability, without unnecessary stress.

How to Make the Most of a Short Amount of SAT Study Time

When time is winding down and students want to make the most of what remains before the SAT, there are a few different things to try in order to get improved results.

As a first step, have your child complete practice tests. These typically contain questions drawn from old versions of the SAT, or else questions designed to mimic those on the test, making them excellent tools to help students prepare. Enforcing practice test time restrictions while your child studies can enhance the experience further, as it will help them practice managing their time throughout a long test.

The College Board, which is the group responsible for the SAT, offers access to several great practice tests, each of which includes a scoring guide and explanations of answers, to help students learn from mistakes. These are excellent resources to use in the weeks leading up to the SAT.

SAT test preparation

Practice tests are an excellent tool for studying in the weeks before the SAT

A second SAT test preparation tip that can help students improve their scores is to keep track of common errors that they notice come up repeatedly. Knowing the specific areas that they need to watch out for can help students figure out the topics or questions they should spend more time preparing for. It can also give them an idea of which part of the SAT they might want to spend a little more time reviewing on the day of the test itself.

Finally, study time should not replace sleep time. Research shows that getting enough rest contributes to increased memory capacity and improved learning – both important to achievement on the SAT. Seven or eight hours a night may not seem realistic during preparation time, but an extra hour of study won’t make a useful difference if a student is exhausted.

Tried & Tested Strategies Are at the Core of SAT Test Preparation

With decades of experience helping students achieve great scores on the SAT behind us, the team at A+ has developed a number of highly effective techniques to help students attain new levels of success on the SAT in our intensive prep courses.

First, incoming scholars complete full-length diagnostic tests upon entering and leaving the course, with their results used to generate comprehensive reports detailing their strengths, weaknesses, and level of improvement. Course material then includes practicing course material likely to appear on the exam, as well as critical strategies for the reading and writing sections, foolproof steps to SAT essay perfection, and important time management skills. These can help your child approach the SAT knowing exactly what is expected of them, and the tools they need to meet those expectations.

Evening classes for SAT Prep

Material & strategy are both covered in great depth in our SAT classes

Better still, all of our instructors are fully dedicated to helping our scholars succeed. Students in our intensive SAT classes can expect to establish a personal relationship with their instructors based on support and encouragement that will help them reach the level of achievement they are capable of. It’s a simpler, stress-free SAT prep experience that can get results.

Do you want to ensure your child has the best chance at a great SAT score?

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