How an Enrichment Program Can Prepare Your “Student” for the Upcoming College Application Process in 2020

By APlus on 5 June 20 Blog

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The college application process is becoming increasingly competitive. Students are expected to go above and beyond to demonstrate that they are the perfect candidate for their dream school. 

Recent research shows that acceptance rates at top colleges have declined by around 50% over the past 10 years. For students and parents that are new to the college admissions process, it can be difficult to prepare an outstanding application that will stand out against the competition. 

At ASC A+, we are committed to supporting students throughout their educational journey – even when they cannot make it to the classroom. We have moved a number of our programs online, including the College Admissions Counseling Program. Starting in July, the three-week intensive bootcamp will guide students through the application process and teach them how to develop a winning application. 

Read on to find out how the online College Admissions Counseling Program could help your student achieve success.

Write a Compelling Personal Statement 

A personal statement is required for almost all college applications. It is a unique opportunity for your student to tell their story and explain why they have chosen to apply to a certain college or major. If it is your student’s first time writing a personal statement, it can be difficult to find the right tone that is formal, personal, and engaging. 

A summer enrichment program can help your student to enhance their writing style so that they can draft the perfect personal statement that is right for them and their chosen institution.  

Students can learn how to write the perfect personal statement

Prepare for the Interview with a Summer Academic Program 

If you impress the admissions officer with your personal statement, you may be invited to interview. This can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone, especially young students that don’t have much interview experience. 

As part of the academic enrichment program, students will learn the best interview tips and tricks to win the approval of the admissions officers at top universities. This will help them to enter the interview room well-prepared and confident.

An academic enrichment program will help students in the interview stage

Reducing Anxiety Around COVID-19 and the Economy 

There is a lot of uncertainty for students, college applicants, and recent graduates right now. Classes and interviews are being moved online, and there are fewer jobs available for new graduates. 

The college counseling bootcamp can help students to manage any feelings of stress and anxiety. They will have access to a network of support to help them to succeed in these challenging times. 

Understanding the Application Process 

The application process for each university is unique. Students may need to:

  • Write a personal statement 
  • Prepare an essay on a relevant topic 
  • Submit a resume 
  • Provide test results 
  • Take a specific test 

At ASC A+, we have a good understanding of the application process at the major schools in the USA. We can help your child to prepare so that they have the highest chance of success.

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