Picking the Right Summer Academic Enrichment Program for Your Child’s Needs

By APlus on 20 April 18 Blog

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A summer program can help a scholar acquire important skills that will allow them to excel in their studies. They might learn new and essential problem solving techniques, enhance their communication abilities, or develop valuable critical thinking skills.

While all of these skills are important to foster in your child, finding the right enrichment program can be challenging. Keep reading to learn what different summer academic enrichment programs can offer.

Reading and Writing Programs Develop Critical Thinking and Communication Skills

According to the National Survey of Business and Non-profit Leaders, 93% of employers said that they valued candidates with an ability to think critically and communicate clearly. Engaging with advanced and entertaining texts in a reading and writing program can be a great way for your child to develop these crucial life skills.

Apart from stimulating their imagination and enhancing their reading and writing abilities, discussing unique and challenging texts with their peers and instructors will help them foster a greater sense of objectivity and learn how to interpret the underlying meanings of written works.

These kinds of classes may also help your child learn to organize their ideas better, and improve their ability to outline and structure their essays, better preparing them to produce excellent written work. Students will also be taught how to communicate and express themselves clearly in their writing by growing their vocabulary and learning proper sentence structure and solid grammar practices.

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Writing is a good way for your child to learn communication skills

Enhance Problem Solving and Study Skills With Advanced Mathematics Classes

Children who love solving math problems and number crunching may enjoy a summer academic enrichment program in mathematics. This type of course can allow your child to further develop their basic math skills while being introduced to new and advanced mathematical ideas, giving them a head start on subjects they may be introduced to in the next school year.

Students can also have a lot of fun interpreting and solving interesting word problems, which can help them to engage more actively with difficult math concepts.

Summer Academic Enrichment Programs Can Encourage Leadership and Creativity

Good summer enrichment programs can also teach your children how to become excellent leaders, nurture their creativity, and much more. Some summer enrichment programs can include arts and crafts classes, which can help stimulate your child’s more creative side.

Others may also include training in public speaking, which can help participants improve their confidence and leadership skills. Your child can also have fun by participating in excellent group activities, fostering an environment of communication and collaboration.

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Learning to work with others is an important part of your child’s development.

Whatever you want for your child, the A+ Program’s range of summer enrichment opportunities will guarantee an option that suits your needs. Students can enroll in either half-day or full-day programs, and opt for specialized courses focused on math, science, English, writing, or exam preparation, or more comprehensive courses that foster a diverse array of skills.

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