How SAT Prep Summer Programs Prepare Students for Writing and Language Tests

By APlus on 27 July 18 Blog
SAT prep summer programs

Many parents and students understand the importance of doing well on the SAT, and how their overall score can affect their ability to get into the college of their choice. Doing well on the exam requires a great deal of preparation, not just in terms of studying for each section of the SAT, but also adopting the right test-taking strategies to use time productively.

The writing and language component of the SAT can often challenge students who struggle with writing essays or are not well-acquainted with more complex English grammar rules. SAT prep classes can be an excellent way that students looking to score high can prepare for the writing and language component of the exam. Here are some of the ways these specialized courses can help!

SAT Summer Prep Programs Can Help Familiarize Students with the Format of the Exam

The SAT writing section underwent several fundamental changes in 2016. This included replacing individual sentences with whole passages in the editing portion of the text, and placing a great deal of emphasis on grammar and punctuation, as well as vocabulary. For example, students now have to analyze underlined sections of passages for any grammatical errors. Students must then circle the grammatically or stylistically correct answer in a multiple choice component.

Large passages mean students might spend more time reading
Large passages mean students might spend more time reading

Each individual passage has a total of 11 questions, with content that draws from technical fields such as medicine, business, science and biology, and social studies domains like history and political science. Passage content may also include elements from humanities disciplines such as literature and language.

SAT prep summer programs help by giving their students a complete overview of the format and subjects frequently tested in the writing component of the SAT exam, giving students plenty of opportunities to practice using mock questions with the help of their instructors.

SAT Prep Summer Programs Help Enhance Students’ Grammar and Vocabulary Skills

When it comes to scoring high on the writing and language component of the SAT, students need to practice proper grammar and work to improve their vocabulary. Intensive SAT prep classes can help students sharpen these skills with tailor-made lessons and exercises.

At ASC A+, for instance, students specifically study vocabulary words that appear frequently on the SATs. They also gain a better understanding of sentence structure and punctuation, such as the proper placement of subject and object, and the correct use of the notoriously misused semi-colon. Students will also learn important skills and techniques for writing excellent SAT essays, helping them to better understand the tone, organization, and overall flow of an academic paper.

Intensive SAT Prep Classes Can Also Teach Students Important Time Management Strategies

Students will have a total of 35 minutes to complete the writing and language component of the SAT, and with 44 multiple choice questions – eleven for each of the four 400-450 word passages – that time can quickly run out. With time also required to read each piece, cultivating an effective time management strategy is essential.

SAT summer prep programs help students by teaching them a variety of different time management strategies, such as budgeting time for each multiple choice question and avoiding over-thinking the passages. In turn, these time management strategies will help students optimize the time they spend on each multiple choice question, and feel less overwhelmed on the day of the exam.

SAT prep summer programs
Students are also taught to carefully review their answers to avoid mistakes

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