The Benefits of Learning Advanced Test-Taking Strategies with ISEE Exam Prep

By APlus on 16 October 19 Blog

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In prep classes, your child can learn to use advanced strategies for test-taking, which can be applied to multiple choice questions. All levels of ISEE testing include multiple choice questions in reading and mathematics. When students learn how to answer these questions to the best of their ability, it can have a positive impact on their score.

Test-taking skills will also carry forward into your child’s academic career, as they will be better able to deduct and reason, think critically, and maximize their results. Knowing answers, as well as knowing how to answer, is invaluable. Read on for more ways test preparation can help your child excel!

Myths Around Multiple Choice Questions Are Dispelled in ISEE Exam Prep

Multiple choice questions are a breed of their own. This means that students need to learn how to treat them. Strategically answering multiple choice questions allows your child to use everything they know and can recall, while also doing their best on questions they may not be sure about.

When your child is in ISEE exam prep, they’ll be able to rely on real facts to prepare for their test. There are some myths surrounding multiple choice questions that many students might still believe. For example, there is a piece of common advice that states you should avoid answers on multiple choice tests that include the words:

  • never 
  • always
  • all
  • none 

This isn’t true, in fact, according to the research of author William Poundstone, answers that include these words are correct 52% of the time. Another myth is the advice that “C” is the most common right answer. Instead of relying on these myths, your child can lean on proven strategies for ISEE prep.

Myths like choosing C if you don’t know the answer are dispelled when students have real strategies

Myths like choosing C if you don’t know the answer are dispelled when students have real strategies

Maximize ISEE Exam Preparation with Insider Knowledge

On the ISEE, students do not lose marks for incorrect answers. This means that the first strategy your child should have in mind is to answer every question, even ones they aren’t sure of. This is an example of a test-taking strategy that can maximize their readiness for the test. If they approach the ISEE with the knowledge that they will answer every question, there will be fewer loose ends and missed opportunities.

Another strategy is to answer the question before looking at the options. When your child can come up with what they think is the answer before considering their choices, they are protected against any confusion that can be caused by having alternatives.

Test-taking skills also help students protect themselves against things like rewording or slight alterations on tests. Often in their academic career, their teachers will make tiny changes to information so that they can determine whether students have a true understanding of material or are simply memorizing. When your child can think critically and read through questions with clarity, they have a greater chance of success.

Confidence Comes with Feeling Prepared

When students are given concrete strategies in ISEE courses, they are better able to be calm in the exam room. Tests can be a little daunting, but with the right tools and knowledge they can be approached with calm, self-assured focus. When a child is feeling empowered and confident, they can think more clearly and recall what they’ve studied.

A confident student is able to focus, hear instructions, and think more clearly during their test

A confident student is able to focus, hear instructions, and think more clearly during their test

A confident student is better able to listen to instructions at the beginning of the exam. This is important, as there may be something that needs to be communicated that will help your child to succeed. When they have dealt with the nerves that can arise from exams, they’ll be open and responsive to the information around them.

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