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With COVID coming under control,  the ISEE and Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) will once again be required for those students who want to apply for the private schools again for the 2022-2023 school year. It is important that parents learn important information about exams as a parent to help your child have the best
chance to earn admissions to these very selective schools.

Key Component to earning admissions to a top private school:

1. GPA

Good academic performance is essential

It is very difficult for students with low GPAs to earn acceptance in top private schools.

2. Standardized tests result

Most private use the ISSE or SSAT exam score in their admissions process to select the best candidates.

3. Extracurricular activities

Schools expect excellent candidates to have interests in activities outside of the classroom, such as community service or leadership experience.

4. Interview

Interviews are important in helping top private schools choose the best candidates from the applicants. 

ASC ensures students and parents are ready for any question they may face in an interview to make the best impression.  

5. Applications

The application is a critical part of the admissions process for all private schools.

Experienced ASC counselors will ensure the student has an outstanding application helping parents and students write excellent application essays.

6. Character

Admission will look for students who can contribute to their community.

Top Private schools look for students who are academically curious, open-minded and care about others. 

ASC helps students craft excellent applications to have a higher chance to be accepted in their dream school!

ASC A+ Program provides results for its high school counseling students!

Students get into their dream schools

Great News From 2021 Admission results


School Names Test Results
BB&N ISEE Percentile 90 91 97 98
Beaver Country Day ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Belmont Hill ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Commonwealth ISEE Percentile 84 95 98 97
Concord Academy SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
Fessenden ISEE Stanine 9 8 8 7
Noble & Greenough ISEE Percentile 95 99 96 97
Phillips Andover SSAT Percentile 96 99 98 99
Phillips Exeter ISEE Percentile 98 88 88 88
Roxbury Latin ISEE Stanine 9 & 8
Winsor SSAT Percentile Rank 96 99 98 99

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