How Students Can Prep for the SAT & Develop Their Creativity In Our Winter Break Writing Workshops

By APlus on 7 December 18 Blog,News
Whether writing an academic study, analyzing a work of literature or using storytelling principles to produce compelling personal essays, writing skills are some of the most valuable and transferable skills a student can learn. Fortunately, ASC A+ has developed two winter break writing workshops to help students keep their writing skills sharp during their time off and develop some new techniques and strategies. Our SAT Essay Writing Workshop will familiarize students with the structure of the SAT’s essay portion and teach them useful strategies they can employ when writing their essay. Running in the mornings from 9 AM to 12 PM from December 26th to December 28th, this program can greatly improve students’ preparedness for the SAT essay. Our Middle School Creative Writing Workshop for students in grades 5-8, running December 26th to December 28th from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM, is focused on helping students develop their creative abilities through the exploration of short stories, fantasy, storytelling and more. Read on to learn more about these winter workshops and how they help students develop their writing skills.

The SAT Essay Portion Has Undergone Some Substantial Changes

While the SAT’s essay portion is now optional, students planning their postsecondary education would be wise to complete it, as many colleges and universities do still recommend or require an essay score for applicants. This includes a number of top schools such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford, many of which are more competitive than ever. For any student hoping to gain admission to an elite school, or simply hoping to keep their options open, taking the essay portion of the SAT is a must. While the previous SAT essay section asked students to generate their own arguments based on a very general and subjective prompt, the new format has students demonstrating the skills they’ve learned in their essay writing courses by reading and analyzing a provided passage, and then composing a short essay supporting their analysis. When analyzing the provided passage, students will be expected to identify the persuasive techniques being used by the author to build their argument. In their essay, they will then need to craft a thesis statement with several supporting claims backed up by examples from the text.

Our Winter Break Writing Workshop Prepares Students to Succeed on the SAT

Rather than be taken off guard and lose valuable exam time looking over and trying to understand the format and structure of the updated SAT essay section, students can familiarize themselves in advance with the ASC A+ winter workshop, and enter the exam knowing what to expect.
Go into the SAT essay section knowing what to expect after our 3-day winter break writing workshop
With the limited time available for reading and analyzing the provided text, and then writing and editing or proofreading the essay, it’s also important for students to be prepared with a strategy. In our winter SAT essay writing program, students can learn strategies for how to write a quality essay on the test, so that they can make the most of their time and work through the section in a methodical way, keeping their essay clear and well-organized. It’s also essential for students taking the SAT to understand how to clearly support claims with appropriate evidence from the sample passage provided. Training in how to write good essays can help students clearly forge these connections to build a compelling case for their thesis statement and earn a high score.

Middle School Students Can Benefit from Improved Creative Writing Skills

At ASC A+’s Middle School Creative Writing Workshop, students will get to explore a variety of genres and practice their storytelling skills. For students in grades 5-8 looking to flex their imagination, or to improve their understanding of the ideas they’ve been introduced to in their English classes, this workshop offers a fun and productive way to stay busy during the winter break. By practicing their creative writing in different forms, students can learn not only develop and improve highly transferable writing skills, but also spur their creativity, imagination and self-expression.
Creative writing is a fun way for students to improve their writing skills
  Looking for a rewarding winter break program to help students improve their creative writing skills or prepare for the SAT? Contact ASC A+ today to learn more about our 3-day winter break writing workshops on December 26th, 27th and 28th.