You’re Invited: May 20, Free College Consultation Info Session and Essay Writing Workshop

By A Plus Program on 6 May 17 News

A student with a GPA of 3.8 and an above average SAT score was rejected by Boston University and other elite schools. Meanwhile, with our A+ College Consultation Program, a student with a GPA of 3.6 and SAT score of 1400 was accepted by his dream school NYU. Wondering how we did it? Join the A+…

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You’re Invited: 4.1 Open House – Learn From the Insiders About Getting Admitted to Top Universities

By A Plus Program on 18 March 17 News

Join us for our FREE Open House! What I Wish I Knew: Prepare Your Way to Ivy League and Elite Universities Special Speakers: Harvard Alum MIT Student Northeastern Admission Office If your student is currently in high school, or about to enter it, then this seminar is the must attend event to on your spring…

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PSAT: Why It Matters For High School Junior?

By A Plus Program on 14 March 17 Blog

Parents, let’s face it: College is outrageously expensive. According to the college board, the average cost of obtaining a four-year degree can run anywhere from $98,440 up to $197,280. This number covers everything from tuition, to room and board, to books and miscellaneous expenses. And while there are always loan options to help you cover…

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A+ Program Teacher Explains Her Teaching Style

By A Plus Program on 17 November 16 News,Teacher Profile

Shevonne Commock is one of A+ Program’s most talented teachers. See what she has to say about A+ Program and her teaching style: I am a Boston native and began teaching at ASC in the summer of 2013. For me, the allure of the A+ program has always been the students: they are inquisitive, engaged, and eternally eager…

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A+ ISEE Students Accepted by Boston Latin

By A Plus Program on 16 May 16 News

This is the fruitful season for A+ students when they receive acceptance letters from their dream schools! Let’s share the joy with our students on the great achievement they have attained: Among the A+ students who have applied to Boston Latin School and Boston Latin Academy, 90% were accepted. Ethan Chang and two students were accepted to Roxbury Latin School. ISEE student Vikram Konanki was…

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