A Guide to the ISEE Test: What You Need to Know

By A+ Staff on 25 October 21 Blog

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is an admission test students have to take to gain admission to a private or independent school. The Educational Records Bureau developed the ISEE test to align with the national standards in English and Mathematics. If you are considering enrolling in an independent or private school, you will need…

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A Plus Program’s College Admissions Consultant Offers These Tips to Picking Your Perfect College

By A+ Staff on 9 January 17 Blog

Choosing the right college to go to after high school is a big deal, one that needs to be thoroughly considered. There are a lot of aspects of college life that can play a large role in your overall experience and education. Finding the right college for your needs may feel overwhelming. A Plus Program specializes…

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How One-On-One Tutoring Helps Children Learn Better Than Online Options

By A+ Staff on 5 January 17 Blog

It can be heartbreaking to watch your child struggling in school, and most parents want to do whatever it takes to help their children excel. Often tutoring is one of the best ways to help your child reach their full potential. These days you now have the choice between in person one-on-one tutoring or online…

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Boston SAT Test Preparation – Learning Center Vs. Online Tutoring

By A+ Staff on 25 December 16 Blog

It’s true:  There’s simply no substitute for the classroom environment when it comes to SAT test preparation in Boston. Sometimes parents wonder whether they should just stick to online tutoring, since it’s more convenient and sometimes less expensive.  However, when a child only has online tutoring, they’re only getting a small part of the overall…

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Education Enrichment Programs Improve Your Child’s English Reading and Writing Skills

By A+ Staff on 26 October 16 Blog
Grade 2 English & Math student getting personal attention from A+ teacher

Few skills are more fundamental to academic success than English reading and writing. Children taught active reading through qualified instruction will gain deeper comprehension of the study material, a skill that is critical for achieving excellent results in all subjects in the school curriculum. These fundamental techniques and others taught at ASC A+ Program have…

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