Parents are more worried than ever that the last two years have hurt their children’s education. They are right, they have.  Click here for free diagnostic tests to assess your student’s grade level in English, math and writing.

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Educational Enrichment Programs, Tutoring, & More

A+ Program provides educational enrichment to children from 1st to 12th grade. Our intensive and accelerated academic enrichment programs challenge students to go above and beyond what they learn in school. Focusing on Math, English, ISEE, SAT, and independent study skills, we strengthen and extend the academic foundation necessary for students to thrive in all areas of school and life. From getting a step ahead on scholastics in our Summer Program or mastering core concepts during the school year Saturday Program, students are inspired to new heights of academic and personal success.

Our longstanding relationships with students and parents ensure that bright minds and smiling faces keep returning session after session, year after year. This personalized touch sets us apart from other schools and academic enrichment programs. We know every student, and better yet, we know what they need to succeed. With over 29 years of providing students the education, opportunities, and guidance they need to flourish, A+ Program continues to serve as the premier academic enrichment center in the Greater Boston, MA, area.

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Students come from all around to participate in one of the top tutoring centers in Boston, MA. We are proud to provide educational enrichment programs and more to students from the following cities in MA:

  • Allston
  • Andover
  • Belmont
  • Boston
  • Braintree
  • Brighton
  • Brookline
  • Cambridge
  • Charlestown
  • Chestnut Hill
  • Dorchester
  • East Boston
  • Lexington
  • Malden
  • Newton
  • Newton Center
  • Newton Highlands
  • Newtonville
  • Quincy
  • Roxbury Crossing
  • Sharon
  • South Boston
  • West Newton
  • West Roxbury
  • Winchester

Academic Enrichment Center in Boston, MA

As one of the leading educational enrichment centers in Boston, MA, we recognize that every student has their own set of unique gifts and learns best in different ways. That’s why we have designed advanced academic enrichment programs that cater to a variety of learning styles and focus on particular areas in which your child may need additional practice. We offer a mix of individual and group classes with in-person and live, virtual options. Each of our classes keeps young learners engaged and working towards their full potential.

Whether you’re looking for an English enrichment course for your primary student or an SAT prep program for your high schooler, our academic enrichment center in Boston, MA, will provide the support your student needs with the guidance of highly certified teachers. The following educational enrichment programs could help your child achieve personal and academic success:

Local Tutoring in The Boston Area

Our professional tutors will help your student build their academic skills, face educational challenges head-on, and improve their critical thinking skills. As one of the top tutoring centers in Boston, MA, we are committed to providing one-on-one tutoring sessions customized to each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses so that they can excel in class and beyond.

English Classes For Students

Our English programs can help your student master writing, grammar, vocabulary, and presenting skills. They can then take these communication skills they learned at our academic enrichment center in Boston, MA, to their school, job, college, and beyond.

Math Classes To Prepare

Our rigorous math curriculum teaches students everything from basic skills to advanced mathematical concepts. Through this program, your child will develop an appreciation for complex math problems and understand the importance of having these skills in their toolkit.

Writing Classes & Writing Skills

The writing skills your child learns in school will be carried with them throughout their life. If they are struggling to communicate effectively through writing now, they will continue to struggle expressing their ideas in writing as they enter adulthood. Fortunately, the writing workshops from educational enrichment centers in Boston, MA, could be the solution your child needs to hone their written communication and critical thinking skills. We cover strategies for writing analytical texts, research arguments, short stories, and more.

Public Speaking Classes in the Boston Area

It can be terrifying for a young student to stand in front of their peers and deliver a speech, especially when they have not been adequately prepared. Students can overcome this fear with frequent practice and guidance from certified instructors. Our public speaking workshop will help your child sharpen their communication skills, develop their confidence, and improve their articulation. In this way, they will become thought leaders in their school and wherever life takes them.

ISEE/SSAT Test Prep in Boston

At our tutoring school in Boston, MA, we’re committed to helping your child put their best foot forward while applying for prestigious private schools. During our ISEE/SSAT exam prep courses, students will learn concepts important to the exam while also developing their test-taking skills to earn high test scores and prove their competency.

SAT Prep Classes in Boston

Students rely on their SAT scores to get into their top-choice colleges. Because this exam is so crucial to their future, they shouldn’t leave their scores to chance. Instead, they can participate in our SAT prep course so that they’re prepared to do their best. Our instructors will cover problem-solving strategies, vocabulary words, complex math problems, and more. Each student will see a marked improvement in their SAT scores after attending classes at our tutoring school in Boston, MA.

College Preparatory Counseling

College admissions is a highly competitive process, and it can be stressful for young high school students to navigate alone. That’s why we offer a college counseling program to help them refine their application package for their dream school.

Private School Preparatory Counseling

Private school admissions today are more competitive than ever, so fully understanding the process and developing a first-rate application package is essential. The A+ Private School Counseling Program provides exactly what every student needs to stand out from the crowd of all applicants. We are committed to providing intensive support throughout the entire process until the application submission!

Communities We Serve

Our staff teaches the complex analytical skills your child needs to form their own opinions of the world around them and communicate their ideas effectively. In this way, they can succeed in school, college, and beyond.

You can give your child the strong start they deserve by enrolling them in enrichment classes. Our academic enrichment center is open to students in Boston, MA, and the surrounding communities, including Allston, Andover, Belmont, Boston, Braintree, Brighton, Brookline, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chestnut Hill, Dorchester, East Boston, Lexington, Malden, Newton, Newton Center, Newton Highlands, Newtonville, Quincy, Roxbury Crossing, Sharon, South Boston, West Newton, West Roxbury, and Winchester.

Position Your Child on the Road to Academic Success Today

Our educational enrichment programs offer countless opportunities for academic achievement and self-discovery. The small group sizes, individualized instruction, and passionate teachers will inspire a lifelong love for learning in your child. Contact us today to learn more about our academic enrichment center in Boston, MA, and enroll in a Saturday or Summer program.

The A+ Team

Our experienced teachers are largely certified with Master’s Degrees or higher and passionate about inspiring students to reach their fullest potential. By providing frequent feedback to parents and collaborating with students on an individual basis, our teachers ensure improvement in grades, test scores and confidence-building.

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

“When you come to ASC, you start building friendships and life skills. I improve each year with my Math and English skills, and coming here gives me a head start for the next school year…”  ~Brandon Lum, Natick High School, Grade 10, an A+ Scholar for 10 years.

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