5 Tips for Choosing Educational Enrichment Programs

By ASC A+ Program on 13 January 23 Blog
5 Tips for Choosing Educational Enrichment Programs

Educational enrichment programs help your child learn, grow, and reach their fullest potential. But how do you go about finding the ideal program for your child? Here are our top five tips for choosing an educational enrichment program that will maximize your child’s learning opportunities.

What Is Your Child’s Learning Style?

Do you know what your child’s learning style is? According to the VARK model, there are four predominant styles: visual learning, auditory learning, read/write learning, and kinesthetic learning. Visual learners learn through seeing. Auditory learners learn through hearing. Read/write learners learn through reading and writing notes. And kinesthetic learners learn best through movement or acting things out. Look for a program that uses methods best suited for your child’s style so they can understand subjects with ease.

What Are Their Learning Goals?

Another tip for choosing an educational enrichment program is to consider your child’s goals. What are their interests and strengths? Long-term, children will get the most out of classes that teach them about things they’re interested in and may use in their future careers.

That said, school teaches many subjects, and your student needs to perform adequately in all of them if they want good grades. Even if a child isn’t interested in a subject and they’re struggling, it can be beneficial to get tutoring.

What Is Their Schedule Like?

What is your child’s current schedule like? If it’s hectic and dominated by school, homework, and extracurriculars, you may need to rework it to accommodate the enrichment program without overwhelming your child. Alternatively, you may want to wait until spring, summer, or winter break when your child will be less busy to enroll.

You also need to consider whether your child’s schedule meshes well with the enrichment curriculum. When do classes meet? Does this timetable work for you and your child? Are the dates and times flexible? You should be able to easily fit classes into your child’s existing schedule.

Where Is the Center or Program Located?

Where is the enrichment center located? Is it a short drive from your home? Or is it far away, requiring extra commute time? If the center you’re interested in is far from your home and would be difficult—and costly—to commute to, see if it offers remote programs your child can attend in lieu of in-person classes.

What Is the Class Environment Like?

If your child will attend these programs in person, you want to ensure their learning environment is clean, spacious, and full of state-of-the-art learning tools. For both in-person and remote programs, consider the class sizes. Will your child be able to get the one-on-one time they need to thrive? Or are there so many students that your child could get left behind in the busy and fast-paced environment?

Finding the right educational enrichment program is important if you want your child to succeed. At A+ Program, we offer a variety of grade 1–8 learning programs that go above and beyond what your child learns in school. We offer both individualized and group programs with in-person and live, remote options. Our personalized curriculum is designed to help every child flourish, no matter their learning style and needs.