3 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Love Math

By APlus on 23 February 18 Blog

math enrichment programs for elementary school

It’s a shame that so many young students dislike mathematics, especially given that many rewarding and fulfilling careers in computer science, engineering, and countless other areas all require and reward mathematical skill. The fact remains, however, that a dislike or even fear of math class is common among young students.

Fortunately, there are concrete steps that can be taken to help reduce the stress associated with math and even get young students to enjoy working with advanced mathematical concepts. Here are just a few examples of how working with an enrichment program can help students learn to enjoy math.

Show Students How Math is Used in the Real World

The modern world is built upon mathematics. From building bridges, to creating mobile phone apps, and in just about every corner of modern life, engineering, algorithms, and many other mathematical tools are necessary for success.

Too often, however, young students don’t see the relevance of mathematics, and this can make math seem more like a punishment than a road to future possibility. Correcting this attitude can be one of the first steps in helping to get your child interested in math.

To accomplish this, make an effort at home to point out some of the ways math is useful in their own life. For example, if they like video games, point out that the design of the game is only possible through mathematics and coding! You can also begin to introduce where math is used daily to help prepare them for adulthood responsibilities: budgeting, tip calculations, sales percentage pricing, etc. This simple exposure can get them excited about the subject’s usefulness and the possibilities it offers.

Boost Problem Solving Skills with Math Enrichment Programs

Making a child sit at a table and complete endless equations is a recipe for frustration, so it’s best not to take this approach in getting children comfortable with math. A far better solution is to make math more exploratory, with word problems and interesting logic puzzles posing challenges that make the students more curious and interested in solving the work that is in front of them.

This is an approach that is embraced by math enrichment programs for elementary school students +, and it’s one that can garner great results. Encourage your child to see math as a challenge or game, and you might be surprised by how much more they engage with the work.

Give Your Child Valuable Personal Instruction

One of the most common myths out there is that some people are just not “math people”. The truth is, every student is capable of engaging in math at a high level; it’s most often the case that people who “can’t do” math just lack confidence in their abilities. This leaves them unmotivated to make the effort required to learn, which can have a significant detrimental effect on their math skills over time.

Unfortunately, large class sizes make it difficult for some students to get the individual attention they need to overcome personal learning obstacles and gain confidence in their math skills in school, so this issue often goes unaddressed. Enrolling your child in math enrichment programs is key to breaking this cycle. Instructors are dedicated to the success of their students, and groups are small enough that your child will not be lost in the mix. It’s the perfect solution for those young scholars who don’t yet love math, but can learn to so ignite a passion for math with just the right shift in environment and perspective.

math enrichment programs

Personal attention in enrichment programs can help students gain confidence in math

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