Teach your students to own their education during COVID-19 Online school

By ASC A+ Program on 18 February 21 Blog,News

As a parent during this interesting time for education, do you ever wonder:

  • How do I help my child pay more attention in online school?
  • How do I help my child get the most from learning online?
  • Why does my child struggle to complete homework on time while home?
  • How can I motivate my child to do better in school amongst the educational challenges?
  • Why is my child struggling to understand certain subjects?
  • Why does my child wait until the last minute to study for an exam or start a project?
  • Why does my child struggle with tests despite having studied for many hours?

If you have wondered any of the above, you are not alone!

The most important thing you need to understand is that nothing is wrong with your child; these are normal struggles all children have during this time. They are struggling because they have not been adequately taught the most critical skills to excel in education: Study Skills.

Study skills are the foundation for school achievement. Study skills include planning, organizing, initiating, and following through on all school assignments whether it is homework, projects, or exams. These skills teach students to pay attention (in live or online classes), to remember and follow multi-step instructions, to avoid distractions, to control their responses, to adjust when rules or situations change, to persist at problem-solving, and to manage long-term assignments. When these skills are not taught, students may memorize the material in school but forget assignments, fail to complete long-term projects, have trouble focusing and have difficulty with change. Learning executive functioning study skills help every student improve their performance in school and in life.

Most schools simply do not have the time to help students with these skills, yet they are irreplaceable in achieving academic excellence. Study skills must be taught – they are not innate. These skills become increasingly important as students start being assigned more homework and have more exams in their academic careers and they need additional analytical skills they have not yet learned. These skills only become more important over time.

We know that parents are worried about their children learning what they should with school being virtual or hybrid during this COVID-19 Pandemic. We know parents are concerned whether or not their children are paying attention to online classes. We know there are few places parents can go for help. The good news is help is available. ASC can help!

Join us for a virtual open house Thursday, March 4th at 7:00 PM and learn valuable skills that middle and high school students can use to own their education. Students can learn skills they need to not just master the class materials but to excel in their education. We can teach students to learn to be self-reliant and take responsibility for their academic success.