Creative Writing and Debate Workshop

Improve Your Writing And Debating Skills In Less Than 4 Days!

Why Develop Writing and Debate Skills At The Same Time

Writing and speaking are the most essential medium of human communication. They both share the ability to organize your arguments in writing or debate ahead of time. The right writing and debate skills can open and develop children’s creativity and boost their mental agility, synchronize their mental agility with precise move base on their ideas and the scenarios. At ASC A+ Program, we recommend children to build solid academic skills and look beyond writing and test prep. Writing and Debate skill is excellent at providing students the opportunity to:

  • Put up adequate reasoning for the facts of the argument
  • Express his/her views at the right pace, tone, and body language, and most importantly in an engaging manner
  • Listen critically and give a well-reasoned response
  • Organize and prioritize his/her words efficiently while speaking

Our 4-Day Middle School Creative Writing and Debate Workshop

This workshop will focus on developing a student’s

  • Creativity in writing original pieces
  • Writing analysis skills in the exploration of different genres including short stories, fantasy, and storytelling
  • Debating skills in a small class

Enroll today and discover the joys of writing and debating!

Next Session:

Theme: literary analysis and poetry
Apr 20 (Monday) – Apr 23 (Thursday) 2020

Feb 16 (Tuesday) – Feb 19 (Friday) 2021


$400 (Material included)

Recommended for Grades 5-8

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