Boost Your Child’s Test-taking Skills in our August Summer Enrichment Program

By APlus on 12 July 19 Blog

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Whether you’re looking to send your child to a great private secondary school, a top college, or you want to help them qualify for prestigious scholarships, a high test score can help. Each year, numerous students take tests like the SAT, PSAT, and ISEE, with each test taker hoping that a good score will help them unlock new opportunities. With so much competition, providing your child with a boost is a good idea.

Enrolling your child in a summer enrichment program at ASC A+ is the perfect way to do just that. Here’s a look at a few of the ways our summer enrichment program can give your child an edge on standardized tests.

Mathematics Summer School Courses Can Help Students on Standardized Tests

Most standardized tests include at least one section on mathematics. The ISEE, for example, which is used for admission to top private schools, contains both quantitative reasoning and mathematics achievement sections. In ASC A+’s summer program, your child can enroll in our Math Program to help them learn the advanced math skills that can help them score better on standardized tests.

For instance, students learn how to interpret and solve word problems that are commonly used on such tests. They also practice test-taking strategies and refine their math skills through homework, quizzes, and exams. By utilizing advanced materials, we encourage students to challenge themselves so that they can progress even more quickly in developing their math skills.

Learning advanced math skills can help your child get a better test score

Learning advanced math skills can help your child get a better test score

Your Child Can Improve Their Essay Writing Skills in a Summer Enrichment Program

The essay component on many standardized tests is something that students can often find intimidating. Unlike with the math sections, where there are clear right and wrong answers, grading the essay section can seem far more subjective. However, writing a well-crafted and persuasive essay that scores well on tests is something that can be taught.

In our A+ English summer school courses, for example, students learn a number of techniques that will help them craft excellent essays. Critical thinking skills are essential to helping students successfully analyze a topic and create a persuasive argument in essay form.

In our program, students enhance their critical thinking skills through written assignments and interactive discussions. Additionally, they learn how to brainstorm ideas, create detailed outlines, and structure essays that are sophisticated and persuasive.

Your Child Can Enhance the Reading Skills Needed for Standardized Tests

Finally, most standardized tests include a reading comprehensions section that will assess test takers ability to understand and critically evaluate written passages. These passages can cover a diverse number of subjects, such as history, literature, science, and contemporary issues.

Our summer enrichment program can enhance your child’s reading comprehension

Our summer enrichment program can enhance your child’s reading comprehension

Our summer enrichment program can help your child develop their reading comprehension skills in a number of ways. In the A+ English program, for instance, students learn how to engage with advance-level texts and how to develop their active reading skills. Additionally, our Full Day Summer program includes visits to a number of Boston-area educational attractions, such as museums, galleries, and historic sites, where they can have fun while learning more about the subjects that may appear in the reading passages.

Don’t miss out! Our August session begins on July 29.

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