How Parents Can Help Improve Their Middle Schooler’s Writing Skills

By 1seo on 26 August 22 Blog

Strong writing skills are essential for proper communication and excelling in school. Your child learned the foundations of writing in elementary school, and now they are moving on to more advanced concepts, such as subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, and structured essay writing. From here, writing activities will only become harder. If you have a reluctant…

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Quick Tips and Techniques for Students Struggling With Time Management

By 1seo on 6 June 22 Blog
clock on stack of books with chalkboard in background

Millions of students struggle with effective time management. Sometimes, it happens because staying focused on one task at a time is difficult. Other times, it’s due to chronic procrastination. Still, other students are such perfectionists that they are too anxious to turn their work in on time. Whatever the reason you might struggle with this…

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How Do I Motivate My Child to Develop Effective Study Skills?

By 1seo on 28 April 22 Blog
child writing while laying on wooden floor next to open books

Success in school sets your child up for long-term success in the real world, in everything from college preparedness to career readiness. However, it can be difficult to develop good study habits, even if you encourage your child to work on improving their study skills. Are you noticing difficulty focusing, trouble completing tasks, or procrastinating…

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Back-to-School Preparedness: Top Benefits of Summer Enrichment Programs

By 1seo on 11 March 22 Blog
children learning in a classroom at A+ program

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for students looking to get a head start on the grade ahead. Designed by accredited education professionals, our summer enrichment program covers a wide range of subject material for grades 1-12, exceeding state standards and ultimately better positioning students for a successful future.

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