How Academic Enrichment Programs Can Help Your Child Catch Up on Learning

By 1seo on 10 October 22 Blog

Has your child fallen behind academically due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic? The results from the latest MCAS exams suggest that students statewide could use extra support in their academic endeavors. While alarming, the results shouldn’t cause you to lose all hope. Your young student still has a bright future ahead, but you need to give them the additional support they need to get there. To help your child recover academically from the effects of the pandemic, consider enrolling them in an academic enrichment program.

Why the Latest MCAS Results Are Cause for Concern

While our nation is slowly and steadily recovering from the effects of the pandemic, schoolchildren across Massachusetts are still reeling from the pandemic’s disruptions. The results from the most recent MCAS exams show that students’ academic performance has not fully recovered since the outbreak of COVID-19. All grades have experienced a drop in scores in math, science, English, and language arts. While there are early signs of learning recovery, we cannot expect to see scores like those from pre-pandemic years until several years from now — and by then, without immediate intervention, it could be too late for your child’s academic career.

Because your child has lost anywhere from one to two years of curriculum, they need even more education, which schools do not have the resources to support. For this reason, it’s imperative that you register your young student for an afterschool program offered by a reputable academic enrichment center like A+ Program.

The Importance of Academic Enrichment Programs During Academic Recovery

Catching up on missed learning opportunities can be challenging for young scholars, but it’s crucial for their success in college and beyond. Fortunately, there are plenty of academic enrichment programs available that can provide the support and guidance your child needs to get caught up in school. We offer a range of solutions — from high school math classes to writing classes in Boston — to ensure your elementary, middle, or high schooler has everything they need to succeed academically. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider enrolling your child in an academic enrichment program to help them recover academically after the pandemic:

Improves Work Ethic & Study Skills

After several years of studying independently, your child may have lost some of the vital skills needed to succeed in the classroom. Participating in an academic enrichment program will help them develop a strong work ethic and teach them skills for concentrating.

Boosts Interest in Learning

While doing school from home, it was easy for your child to get distracted by the myriad things going on around them. Schoolwork lost its appeal, and your student’s grades suffered for it. Fortunately, an enrichment program will not only improve your child’s test scores, but it will also reignite their love for learning. Within these education programs, students are encouraged to explore a variety of topics and ways of thinking. As they experience all the possibilities schooling provides, their attitude toward academics will be more positive.

Increases Motivation to Do Well

When children feel like they are behind in school or simply not understanding the material covered in class, they lose their motivation to try. Their doubts about their ability to succeed can stick with them long after they’ve graduated elementary, middle, and high school. They’ll lose focus and begin to drift through life. Fortunately, an enrichment program can steer them back on track. During these programs, they will be presented with new opportunities that will allow your child to succeed. As they regain their confidence, they will be motivated to put in the hard work to improve their grades.

Reduces Academic Anxiety

After two years of uncertainty, it’s not surprising schoolchildren are experiencing anxiety over their schoolwork. They will not be able to regain their confidence until intervention takes place. That’s where academic enrichment programs come in. These programs teach students problem-solving and critical thinking skills, so they can excel in a variety of subjects and perform well on tests.

Prepares Your Child for College

It may be a harsh reality, but it’s important to note that colleges are not going to “dumb down” their material to fill in the gaps that public schools could not fill. If your child is not adequately prepared, they will quickly fall behind, compromising their college career and future. Do not let this happen to your young student. Instead, sign them up for an academic enrichment program to fill in any gaps in their learning left by the pandemic.

Give Your Child a Boost Today at A+ Program

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