The SAT Test Day is Coming Soon! Here’s How Our Intensive SAT Prep Classes Can Give Your Child the Advantage

By APlus on 22 February 19 Blog

intensive SAT prep classes

The SAT is a test used by colleges and universities to determine whether a student meets their admission standards. It can significantly influence a school’s decision during the admission process, which is why it’s important to make sure your child is prepared to take the test and earn a top score.

It can be difficult for students and parents to fit SAT preparation into their schedules as they balance work, school hours, extracurricular activities, and study time. Even if test day is approaching quickly, your child can still benefit from intensive preparation classes offered twice a week during the evening. These classes are geared towards students who may be taking the SAT soon but need to learn the right skills and test-taking strategies that can help them perform well on the test in a short amount of time.

Our next SAT prep session is about to begin! If your child is about to take the SAT and you want to make sure they earn a score which impresses top schools, read on to find out how intensive evening SAT courses can help.

Intensive SAT Prep Classes Can Help Keep Information Fresh Before the Test

The SAT covers many different components that students have to be prepared for if they want to earn a good score, and one of the best ways to make sure that they are ready for all areas of the test is to keep the material they learn fresh in their minds before test day.

SAT prep programs

Preparing for the SAT at ASC A+ can boost your child’s performance on test day

Many students take the SAT in spring, and begin preparing in late autumn or winter. While preparing ahead is usually a good idea, this may increase a student’s chances of forgetting some aspects of what they learned and affect their overall score. For students who are registered to take the SAT on an upcoming date like March 9th, taking SAT preparation courses which end on March 7th puts them in a better position to remember the strategies and information that can help them improve their test score. Even students who may be taking the SAT in the summer can participate in our second SAT prep session, which begins in April and ends two days before the May 4th SAT test date.

An Evening SAT Preparation Course Teaches Winning Test Strategies

From mathematics to critical reading and essay writing, the SAT covers a wide variety of subjects in order to better determine a student’s college readiness level. The goal of an SAT preparation course is to give them an outline of what they can expect to see on the test itself, as well as the best strategies and techniques they can use to their advantage that can help them perform well.

Intensive SAT prep classes meet in the evenings twice a week for three weeks, and include 18 hours of comprehensive instruction which emphasizes teaching students lessons in key exam strategies, test drills and practice, and how to understand the core content material that is essential to earning a good SAT score—this advantage has been so effective that some of our students have even gone on to improve their scores on the New SAT by up to 200 points!

These intensive classes have been purposefully designed to cover a wide range of information in a condensed amount of time in order to meet the needs of students who are about to take the SAT but need more preparation beforehand.

SAT preparation courses

Intensive SAT prep can help your child learn the skills and strategies they need for a winning score

Is your child ready to take the upcoming SAT?

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