Why Summer Enrichment Programs Are Perfect for Advanced Students

By APlus on 17 May 19 Blog

The summer holidays are fast approaching, and many students are looking forward to their time outside the classroom. However, just because school is out, it doesn’t mean your child has to stop learning over the summer break. Advanced students have different needs and learn at a different pace than others. They also possess a deep…

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How Summer Advanced Learning Programs Can Help Build Students’ Critical Thinking Skills

By APlus on 16 April 19 Blog

Critical thinking skills are important to succeeding in almost every domain, from math to science to English literature. They’re essential for conducting research, as they allow students to evaluate and synthesize varied sources of information, and for writing essays, as they help students clearly organize and express their thoughts. This means that by sharpening these…

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Build Your Child’s Motivation to Achieve in their After School Classes and Beyond!

By APlus on 1 March 18 Blog

Imagine your child comes home from a long day at school, tossing their bag aside in frustration after tanking a difficult math exam. You try to talk them through their annoyance, but they are simply defeated. Math has suddenly become too hard, and they are no longer motivated to try to succeed. This is a…

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