How Summer Tutoring Programs Could Make Sure That Your Child Is All Caught Up for the New School Year

By APlus on 19 June 20 Blog

The outbreak of coronavirus has closed classrooms worldwide. The spring term at many schools has ended early and this year’s summer break could last for several weeks. With so much disruption, it can be difficult for children to keep their education on track. However, students at ASC A+ can continue learning online with one-on-one tutoring…

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How Kids Become Great Communicators through Summer Enrichment Programs for Writing

By APlus on 7 July 17 Blog

Being able to communicate well can open many doors. It allows a person to share their ideas clearly and powerfully, to enjoy increased feelings of confidence, and much more. The development of communication skills should therefore be a high priority for many kids and teens as they progress through school. To enhance your child’s communication…

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