Foster Your Child’s Life Skills Through Academic Enrichment Programs and More

By APlus on 15 March 18 Blog

21st Century Skills. Non-cognitive Factors. Soft Skills. Schools across the country are rapidly placing more focus on a set of skills that carry many names. Behind their various titles, these are simply known as life skills. As employers began to report a trend that college graduates had been trained academically to take on technical work…

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Secure Your Child’s Admission to a Top Private School

By APlus on 8 March 18 Blog

Much like admission to college, securing a spot in one of the country’s top private schools is becoming increasingly more competitive. Private schools, especially those in Massachusetts, offer unmatched access to resources, faculty, and staff that promote advanced learning and long-term educational success. A successful education at a top private school can also increase your…

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Three Reasons Why Teaching Active Reading is Essential in our Math & English After School Enrichment Classes

By APlus on 17 November 17 Blog

There is a simple idea behind active reading: To promote understanding, it is better for scholars to be proactive in exploring the written word than it is for them to just sit there and absorb it. By applying various techniques, from reading aloud to asking critical questions of the text through their time reading, it’s…

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