Foster Your Child’s Life Skills Through Academic Enrichment Programs and More

By APlus on 15 March 18 Blog

21st Century Skills. Non-cognitive Factors. Soft Skills. Schools across the country are rapidly placing more focus on a set of skills that carry many names. Behind their various titles, these are simply known as life skills. As employers began to report a trend that college graduates had been trained academically to take on technical work…

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Effective Strategies From English Enrichment Class That Promote a Love of Reading

By APlus on 22 December 17 Blog

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett aren’t just two of the richest people on the planet – they are also voracious readers. Gates is known to read nearly a book a week throughout the year, and Buffett spends hours every day reading through a large number of newspapers and financial documents. Though their preferred reading materials…

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Get the School Year Off to a Great Start with Summer Academic Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 12 May 17 Blog

Do you want to make sure your child is ready to take on the new school year in the fall? Enrolling them in a summer enrichment program that is both challenging and fun may be just the ticket! A program like A+ can help them stay focused and disciplined, while preparing them for the new…

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