How to Write Outstanding Application Essays That Get You Into Top Private Schools? Phillips Academy, BB&N, Noble, Commonwealth…🧐

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Now all private schools are having Open Houses. Students and parents are preparing to apply to the private schools. Many have visited the campuses of top private schools and want to try to apply. So what should be the next step in order to get the attention from school committees? In fact, many parents do not fully understand how to help with the student application essay. Some families let students write freely in order to exert their most “real” performance, or parents help students to edit in order to achieve the “highest” performance. 🚫These are the most common application essay mistakes!

Private schools whether in Massachusetts or across the U.S., the goal of a student application essay is to let the admissions committee understand the applicant’s personality and their writing ability. Admissions committees need to see how applicants express themselves and what makes them unique, and of course, are a match for their school. The last thing admissions committees want to see is messy writings, boring themes, and the essays were edited by someone not the students themselves! These can lead to rejections from the schools.

Private schools, for example, ask applicants to explore challenges they have overcome, how they spend their spare time, or even ask what excites them about going to school every day. As a parent, do you have the confidence that your children can write essays that correspond to the Essay questions, writings are smooth, the themes are engaging, and they can stand out?

A+ Program has more than 29 years of experience in helping students write engaging application essays. Designed by a team of education professionals, this course includes the latest private school application questions as well as lesson plans to help students stand out.

The course makes up for the lack of experience and ability students lack in applying for private school essays, and increases students’ interest in getting into top private schools. In the classroom, teachers motivate students to reach the highest level through interaction and actual writing.

Whether your child is currently in public schools or private schools, writing well or have the potential, A+ Program Saturday Private School Application Essay Writing Class can help students write essays that are ready to apply to prestigious schools in 6 weeks!

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