Do you know how to start preparing for 2023 MCAS, ISEE/SSAT, or SAT? For students in public and private schools, we offer expert instructors to help you raise your score.

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Do you know how to start preparing for 2023 MCAS, ISEE/SSAT, or SAT? For students in public and private schools, we offer expert instructors to help you raise your score.

Students who returned to campus have obviously dropped in their academic performance due to  disruptions in their education. In March 2023, the MCAS exam will be given to all Massachusetts students. For high school students in grades 10-11, a good SAT score can make you stand out when applying for university admissions in December, and by gaining early acceptance. This leaves you little time to prepare your admission’s application and essays for your top universities. For middle school students in grades 5-8 who want to enter top private high schools, the ISEE/SSAT in October is also essential and challenging. This article reviews what these exams are and how students should prepare.

  • What is MCAS? Is it important? 
  • Does my child need to take ISEE/SSAT and SAT?
  • How to prepare for MCAS, ISEE/SSAT, SAT exams?

What is MCAS? Is it important?

MCAS is a Massachusetts statewide assessment of student English and mathematics proficiency that helps parents, students, educators, and policymakers determine which districts, schools, and students are meeting expectations and where additional support is needed. Each grade level has a corresponding test focus that allows students and teachers to use the test to identify learning and educational gaps.

The MCAS exam in March is for all students, whether they are in public schools or private schools, they need to pass. This test will accompany the students and will be used as one of the important credentials to judge the performance of a student. It is undoubtedly an important test. Not only is it one of the foundations to measure students’ English and mathematics ability for students who are admitted to private schools, but Boston Latin and other schools may also require MCAS scores as one of the application requirements.

Does my child need to take ISEE/SSAT and SAT?

Due to the epidemic, public school education is falling behind. In order to ensure the quality of students’ learning, many parents choose private schools with richer educational resources. ISEE/SSAT is one of the requirements to enter private schools. Generally, private school admissions close in January, and students need to submit their grades to the school before then. However, to enter a private school not only requires this already difficult exam, but also your application needs to stand out through personal essays and interviews. All of this means the time left for students to prepare for the exam is actually not as abundant as it seems. The A+ private school test preparation season runs from February to October, giving students enough time to improve their reading and vocabulary skills, which are usually very difficult to improve upon in such a short amount of time. This is where the A+ program can help!

For the SAT, although many schools say that they do not need it for admission, with thousands of applicants, schools often use the SAT score as one of the proofs of whether the student has solid academic performance. If you want to gain admission into a top university, the SAT is generally a useful tool to make you stand out. The SAT usually has 7 exams every year. Our A+ SAT test preparation is divided into Saturday and summer training, and weekday evening pre-test sprint classes to fit every students’ needs.

How to prepare for MCAS, ISEE/SSAT and SAT?

Every student is different. A+ recommends the first thing to do is to have a grasp of the student’s current English and mathematics ability, which can generally be judged by the standard test of the corresponding grade level. Next, we will carry out focused training for the exams that students need to take, and give students enough time to simulate tests before the actual exam, so that students can have the confidence to obtain top results. Don’t be paralyzed and think that these exams are just as easy because of a good GPA. Even the best students can fail due to unfamiliarity with the exam rules, but through preparation, every student has the opportunity to exceed expectations.


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English and mathematics MCAS prep for Grades 1-8

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ISEE/SSAT test prep Grades 5-8

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SAT test prep Grades 10-11 


With full mock up exams, professional teachers on-site lectures, and the latest test materials with question bases, our program is ideal for high school students who want a greater chance of gaining admission into a top university!

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