How College Admissions Assistance Can Help Students Write a Winning College Application

By APlus on 2 May 19 Blog

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While grades and test scores are an important part of any student’s college application – particularly when it comes to elite and highly selective schools – good grades alone aren’t enough to stand out from a crowded field of similarly accomplished applicants. For those without the highest scores, personal essays are even more important, providing essential context for a student’s achievements, and encouraging admissions committees to take a closer look at an applicant’s profile.

For students now preparing their applications, a college counseling bootcamp can be a great way to develop a unique and persuasive essay that can help them stand out, and ensure that their application gets the consideration it deserves.

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Essays Are an Important Component of a Student’s College Application

Essays and personal statements represent an important opportunity for students to display their writing skills to potential schools, showing that they have a firm grasp of the structure, grammar, and vocabulary they’ll need to thrive in challenging college courses.

These essays are much more than just evidence of a student’s writing abilities, however. They also provide admissions panels with insights into a student’s personality, giving a sense of how they might fit into and contribute positively to the school’s community. They can provide context or extenuating circumstances for any weak spots in an application, outline a student’s reasons for applying to a particular school, or highlight specific achievements. All of these factors can be essential in setting a student apart, helping admissions officers get to know them as a person, rather than a set of scores.

A Strong Essay Can Help Students Stand Out from the Crowd

Since an essay or personal statement is so important in personalizing a student’s application, it’s critical to avoid the common clichés and tropes. Students need to find their own voice in order to write authentic personal statements that reflect their own personality and the unique value they bring. College admissions assistance can help students do just this, through one-on-one sessions that offer personal feedback and guidance as they complete, refine, and revise their application packages, developing essays and statements that help them stand out.

A great admissions essay can communicate what makes a student unique

A great admissions essay can communicate what makes a student unique

College Admissions Assistance Offers Students a Number of Benefits

In addition to helping students craft winning essays and personal statements, a college applications program can provide a number of other benefits and advantages. This includes helping students choose the right schools for them, based on academic offerings, class sizes, student life, and other considerations; helping them produce polished and professional-looking resumes for their college applications, as well as for internships and jobs; and providing them with personal coaching from professional counsellors throughout the application process.

Given the highly competitive nature of college and university admissions today, students can benefit greatly from the support, guidance, and expertise offered by a college applications program. A strong application can frame a student’s accomplishments in the best possible light, help them stand out from the crowd, and ultimately, boost their chances of getting into their dream college.

College admissions assistance can help students put forward the best possible application

College admissions assistance can help students put forward the best possible application

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