Frequently Asked Questions about our Academic Enrichment Program

Our teachers have graduated from many of the top schools around the nation, including Ivy League schools such as Harvard University, Brown University, and Columbia University. All are state-certified and many teach in Boston Public Schools. We even employ instructors with backgrounds in special needs education as well as in English as a Second Language.

On average, there are between 8-12 students per class.

ASC Boston has developed its very own English reading and writing curriculum using consultants from both the private and public education industries in order to maximize teaching efficiency and to avoid learning redundancy. We are proud to announce the introduction of Singapore Math into our 2012-2013 mathematics curriculum.

The tuition fees depend from class to class. A list of the tuition fees can be found here.

Book and material fees vary by class and by session. Our instructors work diligently to select the best materials for your students, while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind. Some textbooks may even be used for more than one session.

80 percent or more of our ISEE students achieve the scores they need to enter Boston Latin School.

On average, our SAT students see score increases of 150-375 points between their diagnostic test and their final exam. Students have even seen total score increases of up to 870 points.

While the public schools emphasize learning, exercise, and review of math, Singapore Math methods emphasize in-depth exploration of mathematical principles that can be applied to all areas of their learning. A complete description of our Singapore Math curriculum can be found here.

Students should take a placement test in order to determine their current abilities as well as their eligibility for more advanced classes.

Yes! ASC Boston prides itself in unlocking the potential of every child, and in surpassing both students’ and parents’ learning expectations. Our instructors and administrators work hard to recognize the specific strengths and weaknesses of each student, and to individualize learning goals to meet their unique needs.

Students in our Summer English and Math Enrichment courses will be placed among other students who have just finished their same grade level. The summer curriculum will address the materials that will be learned in their September classes. For example, a student who has just finished 5th grade in June will be placed among other “5th grade” students. However, these “5th graders” will be getting a head start on the upcoming academic year by learning 6th grade materials.

Session I: July 1, 2016 – July 22, 2016
Session II: July 27, 2016 – August 16, 2016

No. Our Summer Program offers academic enrichment courses, with optional full-day activities that are related to their in-class learning. Students do not stay overnight at ASC, nor do they perform camp activities like swimming or boating. We are unable to make formal invoices or receipts that recognize our program as a “camp” for these reasons.

You may call our Main Office at 617-730-3705 or e-mail in order to obtain a formal receipt of your payments.

Please call 617-730-3705 for our tax ID number or for a formal invoice.