How SSAT Test Prep Help Students Master Quantitative Reasoning(Math)

By ASC A+ Program on 17 March 21 Blog

Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) is widely used for entering many prestigious private schools such as Winsor, Commonwealth School, and Phillips Academy. Although it is not required for admission this year due to the pandemic, only students who have completed seventh and eighth grade and show they are academically qualified through a high score on the …

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Fact about national Pi day

By ASC A+ Program on 13 March 21 Blog

March 14th is the national Pi day. Here is a list of fact about Pi What is Pi? Pi is the ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter. When was Pi first adopted? The Pi symbol was adopted by Swiss mathematician, Leonard Euler, in 1737 When is the earliest reference to Pi? Pi occurred…

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Teach your students to own their education during COVID-19 Online school

By ASC A+ Program on 18 February 21 Blog,News

As a parent during this interesting time for education, do you ever wonder: How do I help my child pay more attention in online school? How do I help my child get the most from learning online? Why does my child struggle to complete homework on time while home? How can I motivate my child…

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Important! Latest update for BES(Boston Exam School)

By ASC A+ Program on 16 October 20 Blog,News

Admission based on Grades, MCAS Scores, and ZIP Code Join Our FREE Webinar to learn more about the Get into Boston Exam Schools On Thursday, a Boston Public School task force proposed that the district waive the entrance exam requirement for one year and make the admission decisions based on grades, MCAS scores (or other…

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A+ PROGRAM MONTHLY – October 2020

By ASC A+ Program on 3 October 20 Blog,News

A+ Saturday Program and Tutoring Newsletter Monthly Special Download Newsletter The Most Stressful School Year Ever Not Necessarily From the ASC President Carl Nelson   Dear parents, The majority of public schools have chosen to use hybrid models in some form at the starting times of the new school year. Teachers are more trained and…

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