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Poor school performance can affect your child’s self-esteem, especially when they’ve never had trouble in the classroom before. If you’ve noticed your previously enthusiastic student is losing their love of learning, it’s time to take action and contact the top tutoring center in Belmont, MA: The A+ Program!

Our experienced tutors and educators have operated one of the best academic enrichment centers in Belmont, MA, for over 28 years. If your child is struggling in school, wants to get better SAT scores, or just needs a little extra educational enrichment, we’re the experts you should call. Find out more below about how we help students achieve their academic goals!

The Many Advantages of Our Tutoring Services in Belmont, MA

Whether you’re raising teenagers or very young children, our tutoring services in Belmont, MA, can make a big difference in their confidence and success at school. Here’s why tutoring benefits students of all ages:

Tutoring Reinforces Important Skills

There’s no better place for the saying “practice makes perfect” than in a classroom environment. Practice is key to building essential reading, writing, and math skills. And individualized or group tutoring classes are a perfect opportunity to get this additional practice!

Even if you and your child aren’t seeking specific coursework assistance, the A+ Program can help “practice make perfect” for your student. For instance, when you enroll your child in our ISEE/SSAT test prep or SAT prep classes in Allston, MA, they’ll take practice tests in anticipation of the big day.

Tutoring Provides a Personalized Experience

No two people learn in the same way. However, traditional school environments are often designed to suit the needs of MOST students, not ALL students. At our top tutoring center in Belmont, MA, your student can finally experience an education that’s designed to suit their needs. We offer both small group and private tutoring services so you and your child can find something that works best!

Tutoring Improves Study Skills

Independent research by reputable educational organizations (as well as our own experience as a top tutoring center in Belmont, MA!) supports tutoring. Studies have indicated time and time again that children in tutoring programs develop better study skills than their peers who are not receiving tutoring. Good study habits lead to good self-discipline in many different areas of life, so it’s just common sense to enroll your child in an academic enrichment program.

Tutoring Builds Confidence

Feeling capable is one of the cornerstones of self-esteem and confidence. At our academic enrichment center in Belmont, MA, we encourage students to develop critical thinking and independent learning skills so we can set them up for a lifetime of success!

SAT Prep Classes in Belmont, MA

The SATs are a college admission benchmark, but they’re far more than just general knowledge tests. In order to get the best score possible on the SAT, your student needs to learn how to actually take the test in the most optimal way. Our experienced staff will help them get ready to get the best score they can so they can attend the college or university of their dreams.

ISEE/SSAT Test Prep in Belmont, MA

If your child is over seven years old and you are applying for them to attend a private school, they will likely either need to take the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) or the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test). These tests are much like the SAT — far from straightforward! Help your child excel on these challenging exams by working with an A+ Program educator on test prep.

Math Classes in Belmont, MA

Many students dread or even hate their math classes. Unfortunately, it’s often because they don’t have the right foundational skill base to apply their knowledge. We’ll make math accessible (and even fun!) for your student once again with our math classes in Belmont, MA! Rather than expecting your child to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge on the first day of tutoring, we meet them where they’re at and help them build their skills from there.

English Classes in Belmont, MA

If your student struggles with grammar and spelling, they’re not alone. Plenty of students can benefit from our English classes in Belmont, MA. We can help with basic, moderate, and advanced coursework. Many educators at our top tutoring center in Belmont, MA, specialize in AP and other advanced English classes!

Writing Workshops in Belmont, MA

Clear and effective writing skills are essential for your child long after the day they graduate high school or even college. That’s why our writing workshops in Belmont, MA, focus on helping your child build all sorts of writing skills, not just academic ones.

Public Speaking Classes in Belmont, MA

Does your child clam up in front of the class when it’s time for a presentation? Our public speaking classes in Belmont, MA, are adapted for every age and stage of learning, so any student who gets sweaty palms from public speaking can practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment. Their next big presentation will be a breeze!

Rediscover the Love of Learning at Our Top Tutoring Center in Belmont, MA!

Academic success improves self-esteem, confidence, and character development. Therefore, encouraging your child to reach for their educational goals is truly investing in their future. Contact our tutors today to learn more about our services, or sign up for one of our programs before they’re full!

Monica Depina and Erma Pinto (Parents of students from Middle ISEE class)
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive…
“The program has helped our daughters so much in preparing them for the Middle ISEE test. The teachers are attentive and experienced in teaching test prep. Our kids have made major improvements on their tests. The material learned in class is also helping our kids at school! All the staff members are friendly and really View Full →
Tancrede R
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
“I love writing so much, and I don’t want to miss a class at A+!” Tancrede R., 4th Grade
Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
“我們很驚喜地發現,Elan 已經被A+訓練成小作家了! 我們都非常詫異她可以用那麽生動的詞彙和清晰的結構去組織文章!” Mrs. Peng
Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“我好愛寫作,我不想錯過在A+的每一節課!” Tancrede Roy
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years.…
“I am a parent of two high school students. Both of children come to A+ Summer Programs for many years. The reason they want to come back again and again is because the teachers here are very knowledgeable in their subject areas and also they know how to communicate with kids in a way so View Full →