August 2016

What Matters Most in SAT Test Preparation

By A+ Staff on 28 August 16 Blog
SAT Test Preparation

Nobody walks into the SAT test “cold” and aces it. In fact, there’s no better way to guarantee poor performance. Those who do well on the SAT are those who engage in intensive SAT test preparation ahead of time! Top Four Tips for SAT Test Preparation Take practice tests! There really is no better way to prepare for…

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Tips for Writing a Standout College Application Essay

By A+ Staff on 21 August 16 Blog
College Application Essay

Of all the aspects of applying to colleges, the college application essay stands out as one of the more difficult — and important — parts. When test scores and other criteria are comparable among applicants, college admission specialists turn to the essay to determine the best matches for the institution. Here are some tips to help develop…

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What is Needed for ISEE Test Preparation

By A+ Staff on 15 August 16 Blog
ISEE test preparation in Boston

When top-ranked private schools such as Boston Latin can make such a massive difference in the opportunities your child sees after graduation, it’s no wonder there is so much competition for admission. While not the only factor considered, the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) is one of the most important ones. High scores on the ISEE…

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How One-On-One Tutoring Helps Students Excel Academically

By A+ Staff on 11 August 16 Blog
private tutor helping middle school student with Math

Sometimes, nothing helps a student succeed like good old fashioned one-on-one tutoring.   With classroom sizes growing in so many districts, without enough teachers being hired to match, it’s often difficult for a student to get the help they need when they’re struggling with a subject. Teachers are compelled by test schedules to push the…

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