Why parents should be concerned about their child now

By ASC A+ Program on 28 October 22 Uncategorized

Parents, if you haven’t read the recent article in the wbur, titled “Massachusetts students’ scores on a national reading and math exam plummeted during the pandemic,” then I strongly suggest you do. The article is about how many years of education performance the current students have lost using data from The NAEP exams (federally administered every two years to representative populations of students in the fourth, eighth and twelfth grade), and what teachers and school leaders think about the decline.

We first see some confirmation about the decline, quoting the wbur. “This year’s results confirm that an academic backslide was a national phenomenon.” “[The 2022 exam] results show considerable drops in average scores relative to 2019, especially in 8th-grade math.” 

Disappointingly, we are also seeing some worrying thoughts as well. “(the data) demonstrate what educators and parents already know — the pandemic was bad for kids.” “Now that children are back in school, in-person learning has gone back to normal”. 

With many activities and classes being held online or hybrid now, providing convenience for the students and parents, However, we as parents and educators should proactively help students bring their academic performance back, instead of reactively hoping students would slowly recover their speed after another 20 years to where they were before.

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