Thank You

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in the A+ Program – Boston’s best academic enrichment program.  We know your child’s education is very important to you and we are your partner to help them achieve academic excellence. 

While there is plenty of information on our website to help you understand how ASC’s A+ Program 

will help your child, the best way to fully appreciate ASC’s comprehensive system is to schedule a free evaluation with our program experts.  In this 30 to 60 minute assessment, you can expect the following:

  •         Assessment of your child’s academic progress. 
    • Schools have been online since Mid-March and online education did not start immediately.  When it did, many schools were not able to provide teaching to keep students up to date with what the curriculum they needed to cover for the 2019-2020 school year.
    • For your child to excel in school for the 2020-21 school year, we first need to know where your child is.  From there we can form an academic plan and help your child catch up and then excel.
  •         Immediate feedback on their results and class level recommendations.
  •         A full introduction to our program and how ASC helps children excel.