May-parent of Henry An- going onto 6th grade (English and Math Summer Program 2020)

By ASC A+ Program on 21 July 20
"I was amazed to see how much new content is introduced from transitioning from 5th to 6th grade. That would be very hard for any elementary school student transitioning to middle school, especially during a transition period of online/hybrid learning model from schools now. With the teachers' help, I thought my son made significant progress with both the English curriculum (lots of grammar which wasn't focused on at his school as well as writing, which he was quite weak at) as well as Math curriculum (lots of new content on rates and proportionality, data analysis, as well as solidifying mixed operation skills). The homework plus the sessions in the morning gave him much needed structure, which is very helpful to him. When I asked him what was he most proud of in the summer, he said he was able to finish his ASC homeworks (and all the extra works), which made me quite proud."