Using Math Skills from Enrichment Classes in the Real World

By APlus on 22 November 19 Blog

Even though we use math all the time, for many students mathematical concepts are tied to taking tests more than solving problems in the real world. Being able to apply knowledge is an important way to make that knowledge “stick.” If your child understands how mathematical concepts and operations apply outside the classroom, it makes…

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How Education Enrichment Programs Based in Singapore Math Improve Students’ Math Skills

By A+ Staff on 24 September 16 Blog
Elementary school student learning Singapore Math

For many students, no subject causes them more trouble than mathematics.  In fact, it’s so common for certain students to struggle with math that it’s led to a widespread perception in American classrooms that some students just can’t do math. What a self-defeating idea that is!  A student told that they “just can’t do math”…

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