Build Your Child’s Motivation to Achieve in their After School Classes and Beyond!

By APlus on 1 March 18 Blog

Imagine your child comes home from a long day at school, tossing their bag aside in frustration after tanking a difficult math exam. You try to talk them through their annoyance, but they are simply defeated. Math has suddenly become too hard, and they are no longer motivated to try to succeed. This is a…

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How to Increase Your Child’s Confidence

By APlus on 22 February 18 Blog

When looking into the most recent figures for top private school and college/university admissions, the amount of applications is staggering. Harvard University, for example, received nearly 43,000 applications this past admissions season, the most in its history as one of the top Ivy League schools. Every year, the fight to gain acceptance into the most…

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Developing Great Critical Thinking in English and Math Enrichment Programs

By APlus on 15 September 17 Blog

Having the ability to think for oneself and separate good ideas and solutions from bad ones are hugely important abilities in today’s world. These kinds of critical thinking capabilities are also skills that are difficult to teach directly. Instead, it’s often through doing other academic work that children can hone their critical thinking abilities and…

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