Letter for A+ Parents/students

Dear A+ Student/Parent,

I’m sure that you have seen the news that MA Governor Baker has ordered all non-essential businesses must close on Tuesday, March 24th, at 12:00 Noon. Fortunately, this doesn’t affect ASC classes. You will continue attending the online classes you are currently in now. You will also continue to have the support of the ASC staff and management; it didn’t just happen at the ASC Schools. It will all be virtual and online.

Please continue to attend your classes and reach out to us when you need help. You’ll see us online interacting with you and other A+ students, teachers, and parents.

We are hoping that when we finish the February session, we will be through the worst of this pandemic and can go back to our regular classes at ASC led by your teachers with your classmates. Thank you for your continued patience as we make it through truly historic times!

Carl Nelson