Remove Your Anxiety About Your Student's Readiness For School

Have your student take a 1-hour test to see how their English and Math skills compare to their peers.


Get a plan to elevate your students education so they will be ready for College or University entrance.

Students in grades 3 to 8 meeting or exceeding expectations


Success Stories Of Previous Students

Helping children achieve their academic goals isn’t just our mission—it’s our passion. And nothing attests to our dedication more than the success stories of our former students.

Many APlus Program alumni have gone on to secure admission into competitive schools post their ISEE. We have witnessed students who started our program with nervousness for the ISEE, transform into confident individuals ready to face any challenge. Several of our students have witnessed significant improvements in their ISEE scores after enrolling in our program. But, beyond the scores, we take pride in the growth and development our students have shown during their time with us, demonstrating improved problem-solving abilities, enhanced self-confidence, and effective time management skills.

We attribute the success of our students to our unique teaching approach, which combines personalized tutoring, ample practice opportunities, and constant feedback. These success stories are the driving force behind our commitment to provide best-in-class education services.

How the APlus Program Works

The APlus Program is designed keeping the needs of our individual students at its core. We commence our program with an initial assessment intended to understand the student’s current proficiency with the ISEE curriculum. This evaluation allows us to identify areas of strength and potential development, thus enabling us to craft a customized learning plan.

Once the learning plan is established, our professional tutors guide students with targeted instructions tailored to their needs. The instruction is followed by practice sessions using ISEE practice tests that mirror the actual testing environment, helping our students familiarize themselves with the test format, timing, and question types.

We also emphasize the importance of feedback in the learning process. Each student’s work is thoroughly evaluated, and constructive feedback is provided, which works to enhance their understanding and improve performance.


"I was enrolled in another program in which there were only children who were very advanced. The instructors did not know how to teach students who were performing at their regular grade level, and it was a waste of time. The teachers at ASC are always very prepared, they explain things clearly, and the homework aligns with the lessons."

M.C., 6th Grade
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