Boston's Best Summer Program in Enrolling Online

Letter to parents from the Director of the ASC A+ Program

Dear ASC Parent/student,

There has never been a more important time to bring your child to The ASC A+ Summer Program. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, your child has been out of school since the middle of March. They have lost weeks of important academic preparation.  You may not know this but when school starts again in the fall, teachers will not help your child learn what they are supposed to be learning now.  They will start teaching the next year’s curriculum because they have a State of MA mandate to finish teaching next year’s curriculum.  There is no way the school can help your child make up three months of material from the previous grade.  When the state closed schools, they made this your responsibility.

ASC A+ Summer Program is here to strengthen and build the academic skills that students will need for next Year.  At ASC we’ve been helping students for decades ensure they are prepared for the next school year through our Summer A+ Program.  Our teachers access where your child is in their academics and teaches them what they need to be prepared and excel in their next grade.  This is what we do and we have generations of accomplished students who are grateful they attended ASC.  We are ready to help your child now.

The ASC A+ Summer Program is vitally important for your child.  In the years that ASC has been training students for academic success, we have seen even greater pressures put on today’s students.  Your student is expected to learn a large amount of information each year, perform well on important exams, and manage a calendar of school deadlines and many extra-curricular activities. They are facing stresses and expectations that you as a parent could not imagine when you were in public school.


ASC A+ Program.