Things Required To Get Into a Top Private School.

By ASC A+ Program on 1 May 21 News

With the impact of COVID, many parents realize that private schools could give more upper hand than public schools. Just 5% of private school were virtual compared to 62% According to Axios. Lots of parents have misconceptions about how top private schools select their students. Parents may think with outstanding GPAs and some on campus…

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Our latest application results from 2021

By ASC A+ Program on 3 April 21 News,Uncategorized

With COVID coming under control,  the ISEE and Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) will once again be required for those students who want to apply for the private schools again for the 2022-2023 school year. It is important that parents learn important information about exams as a parent to help your child have the best chance…

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Independent School Entrance Examination(ISEE) Guides and Tips

By ASC A+ Program on 26 March 21 News

Spring is also the season to prepare ISEE! With COVID being under control, ISEE and Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) are going to be required for those who are going to apply for the private schools again later this year. There are many important aspects about these exams you need to know as a parent in…

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Unfinished homework? Join our free homework and get volunteers to help you!

By ASC A+ Program on 18 March 21 Uncategorized

Congratulations to Pingyuan on attending our homework club 2 weeks in a row. We cannot wait to see your research paper about Pandas for your elementary school writing class! We are really proud of our Saturday Programs students for getting extra help to move their projects and homework forward! Our volunteers are from prestigious schools…

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How SSAT Test Prep Help Students Master Quantitative Reasoning(Math)

By ASC A+ Program on 17 March 21 Blog

Secondary School Admission Test(SSAT) is widely used for entering many prestigious private schools such as Winsor, Commonwealth School, and Phillips Academy. Although it is not required for admission this year due to the pandemic, only students who have completed seventh and eighth grade and show they are academically qualified through a high score on the …

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