How to Write Outstanding Application Essays That Get You Into Top Private Schools? Phillips Academy, BB&N, Noble, Commonwealth…🧐

By ASC A+ Program on 26 September 22 Uncategorized

Now all private schools are having Open Houses. Students and parents are preparing to apply to the private schools. Many have visited the campuses of top private schools and want to try to apply. So what should be the next step in order to get the attention from school committees? In fact, many parents do…

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Harvard Biodesign Lab outreach event for high school students

By ASC A+ Program on 13 April 22 Uncategorized

Please see the message below from one of the departments at Harvard University. This message came to our attention and I want to encourage you to join if you are interested. My lab is hosting an in-person outreach event on Saturday April 23rd for local high students to learn about human biomechanics (the math and science…

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Upcoming Saturday Program Schedule for the 2021-22 School Year

By ASC A+ Program on 12 August 21 Uncategorized

Let’s make in-person education the biggest comeback of the year—safely. temperature scanner mask hand sanitizer Session 1 Theme: Reading Skills 9/11 to 10/30 2021 Those skills will help the students to go further with their Reading Comprehension and they will be prepared to show their understanding on any Academic tests they take. These are essential…

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How to Get a Perfect 1600 Score on the SAT

By ASC A+ Program on 19 May 21 Blog,News

Most high school students are driven to get into their dream university. Nothing can stop them from applying to their dream college, even the pandemic did not do that. Based on a report from Common App, the overall total applications to competitive universities surged by 11%. Most students know the SAT plays an important role…

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