Tips For Taking and Preparing For the SSAT

By Scott Fish on 13 September 23 Uncategorized
intensive SAT test preparation in Boston

The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a globally-recognized standardized test used by many independent schools as a component of each prospective student’s application. Designed to assess verbal, quantitative, and reading skills, the SSAT underlines the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The test primarily consists of multiple-choice questions, barring one free-response writing exercise.…

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Skills Needed for Effective Public Speaking in College & Career

By Scott Fish on 11 September 23 Blog
public speaking for kids

Public speaking is a vital skill that high school students can develop to excel in their academic and career paths. It involves much more than just speaking to an audience; it requires a combination of several skills that work together to create a meaningful and engaging presentation. These skills include confidence, clarity, control over body…

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How can students overcome fear and anxiety in public speaking?

By Scott Fish on 10 September 23 Blog
Why Students Should Develop Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking in academic settings is often a safe environment for students to practice their public speaking skills that will be useful as they move through education and into a career field. It’s not always easy to stand up in front of your friends and peers and deliver a captivating speech during class.  Follow these…

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SAT Test Taking Strategies For Higher Scores

By Scott Fish on 7 September 23 Blog
How High School Students Can Prepare for College Writing

Developing an Effective Study Plan For The SAT A well-defined study plan is instrumental in achieving your desired SAT score. Set a target score, take into account your current academic obligations, and then determine the number of hours you should dedicate each week leading up to your exam. Remember, the intent is not to cram,…

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Public Speaking Opportunities for High School Students

By Scott Fish on 4 September 23 Blog
Students who get to ask questions and receive feedback will likely have less anxiety

Classroom Presentations Classroom presentations are a vital part of the educational journey. For high school students, these opportunities are instrumental in developing and honing public speaking abilities. By presenting in front of peers and teachers, students can gradually overcome initial uneasiness, grow confidence, and improve their overall presentation skills. Though classroom presentations may seem daunting,…

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