3 Key Areas Students Can Improve with SAT Prep Summer Programs

By APlus on 4 May 18 Blog

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With admission into colleges and universities becoming increasingly more competitive, it is important that high school students achieve a high score on their SATs to stand out and get into the institution of their choice. As such, proper preparation is essential, and taking SAT prep courses during the summer is an excellent way to start. These programs offer students the chance to spend their summers meaningfully and take a vital first step in their journey towards an excellent college education. Here are three key areas where students can improve with summer SAT prep classes.

Improve Knowledge of Core Subjects

Taking SAT courses during the summer can give students the opportunity to review some of the familiar subject matter that they have been struggling with during the school year, or the chance to learn new material. Even students who have done especially well in their classes can benefit from reviewing some of the core concepts in English, math, history, and science that are tested on the SAT.

Develop Better Test-Taking Strategies

SAT prep courses can be great for getting students to effectively apply their knowledge to the test’s format. SATs have four main sections: reading, writing and language, and two math components – one which prohibits calculators, and another that allows them.

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Effective time management helps students feel in control

With a total of three hours, or four if you include the optional essay, intensive sat preparation courses can also help students develop strong time management strategies, which can help to alleviate some of the stress that time pressures tend to cause. In addition, students can learn to avoid getting trapped by distracters, or wrong answer choices, and improve their math skills by solving complex problems strategically.

Gain Essential Practice for Optimal Success

Practice is important for any exam, and the SATs are no exception. While practicing independently can be effective, guided practice is even more beneficial.

Qualified instructors will provide students with personalized feedback and suggestions for possible improvements. This can help motivate students, and address their individual learning needs to give them the tools they need to succeed.

Practice tests will help students become comfortable with the SAT format. Familiarizing themselves with the structure of the test can reduce students’ anxieties, and make them feel more confident during the actual exam.

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SAT prep summer programs can put students on the fast-track to success

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