How a High School Writing Workshop Improves Reading Skills

By APlus on 3 January 20 Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes The subject of how writing skills connect to reading skills has been heavily researched, especially in recent years. The connection between reading and writing is intuitive and logical, but one that isn’t widely understood. In the published literature, teachers and education experts have found evidence to show the ways that reading…

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3 Essay Writing Tips Your Child Will Learn in an Elementary, Middle, or High School Writing Workshop

By APlus on 30 October 19 Blog

Writing skills are necessary for success in all stages of a child’s education, which is why our writing workshops are available for elementary, middle, and high school students. Being guided through skills and techniques to master essay writing will benefit students from the early levels of their education all the way through to university. These…

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3 Qualities of Great Composition Taught in High School Writing Workshops

By APlus on 26 January 18 Blog

Great writing is often clear, evocative, provocative, and can express complex ideas and arguments persuasively. To become a writer whose work can achieve this level of sophistication takes time and practice, as well as instruction designed around helping students improve upon their weaknesses and find new insight into their own work. A good workshop program…

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Discover the Keys to SAT Writing Success Through High School Writing Workshops

By APlus on 4 August 17 Blog

Proper preparation can go a long way to helping your child succeed on the SAT. By making the effort to develop a good understanding of the format and expectations, your scholar will be able to work towards achieving a great score. The Writing and Language portion of the exam is worth 800 of the SAT’s…

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3 Ways High School Enrichment Programs Prepare Scholars for University

By APlus on 26 May 17 Blog

For many teens, the last couple of years of high school are also a time to prepare for and apply to university. Many students have dreams of enrolling in particular programs at specific schools, and achieving this goal is a lot easier when good preparation has been done in advance. One way your child can…

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