How SAT Prep Summer Programs Prepare Students for Writing and Language Tests

By APlus on 27 July 18 Blog

Many parents and students understand the importance of doing well on the SAT, and how their overall score can affect their ability to get into the college of their choice. Doing well on the exam requires a great deal of preparation, not just in terms of studying for each section of the SAT, but also…

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3 Key Areas Students Can Improve with SAT Prep Summer Programs

By APlus on 4 May 18 Blog

With admission into colleges and universities becoming increasingly more competitive, it is important that high school students achieve a high score on their SATs to stand out and get into the institution of their choice. As such, proper preparation is essential, and taking SAT prep courses during the summer is an excellent way to start.…

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SAT Test Preparation: How to Ensure Your Child’s Success

By APlus on 23 June 17 Blog

Preparing for the SAT doesn’t need to be a stressful experience—for your child or for you. Proven methods for training students in how to succeed on this important test can help ensure great results that reflect your child’s ability and potential, and can help your child get into the great school they’ve always dreamed of…

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